5 Car Myths That We Need to Dispel

Despite all the technological advancements in the automotive industry, there are some curious rumors and myths that continue to appear among the customers. These myths could confuse car owners on things that they should believe. Here are myths that we may need to dispel:

  1. Car auctions offer better deals: This may seem true if we watch reality TV shows on people who flip cars through car auctions. There’s no assurance that the car will be cheaper in car auctions. One risky thing about purchasing car from auctions is that, we won’t know whether the car has been in an accident. Also, we could end up spending a lot of money on high-end cars. Chances are, a supposedly cheap car has been restored and its overall reliability won’t hold up.
  2. Fuel can be cooled off with clothes pin: Some people think that they can jimmy rig the fuel line to ensure lower fuel temperature. They may have heard wrong info about attaching clothes pins on the fuel lines.
  3. Premium fuel is needed for all cars: This can be a complete fabrication and it’s quite likely that our car won’t benefit significantly from high-end fuel. For cars with regular engines, premium fuel would be a waste of time and our owner’s manual could explain what type of fuel that we should use.
  4. Red cars will be pulled over more often: It is said that red cars attract more attention than white or black ones. It means that the police could unconsciously look at the car and we will have more speeding tickets. In reality, there’s no discrimination against color and car owners who adhere to rules won’t be pulled over.
  5. Warm up the car longer when the weather is cold: In reality, car engines are designed to run on extreme conditions. The more important thing to do is to make sure that our ignition system can withstand the freezing temperature. Once it goes, our car is ready to go. There’s no use in letting the car to stay idle for longer periods of time. We would only burn fuel unnecessarily.

Car myths can be misleading and unproductive for car owners. This could cause people to tinker with many things that they don’t really need to tinker with. An unproven method may work one out of fifty times; so this will be passed to friends or families. Before we know it, there are dozens of unproven myths that need to be dispelled. Car owners may also be distracted and they could do things that they don’t need to do.

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