4 Ways Your Business Can Protect Delicate Electronics’ Parts During Shipping

Making delicate electronics parts is a specialized and highly profitable business model. However, getting those parts to your clients is a crucial part of the process. You need to protect them during shipping.

Power in the Packaging

FedEx employees are trained to follow very specific procedures in terms of fragile items and electronics they pack for customers who bring them in. First of all, they aim to have three inches of space between the edge of a delicate electronic part or appliance and the edge of the first box. Second, they double box. Something else you can do is look into custom packaging for parts you ship regularly.

Pick Your Shippers With Care

If you haven’t committed yourself with a particular shipping service yet, then try out everyone you can. Should you have enough product volume, consider shipping at least 100 packages with each one. See how many packages actually arrive without damage, and track the safe delivery rate of each carrier. That way, you can see for yourself who should be trusted with your business goods.

Printed Circuit Board Shipping

Some electronic parts might need a bit more care than others. Chips of computer RAM can sometimes be sent in basic padded envelopes and be fine, since they’d ship with documents and letters. 

However, printed circuit board shipping is another animal. Not only do you need to keep these from getting crushed, you also need to make sure there is no static shock waiting for whoever opens them up. There should also be steps taken to prevent moisture accumulation along the way. In this case, you may want to work with a shipper who has specific experience shipping circuit boards.

Have Contingencies

No matter how carefully you pack and ship delicate electronics parts, there will inevitably be shipments that are damaged, destroyed, lost, or just delivered to the wrong address. You need to have contingencies in place to deal with each one of these scenarios. Never ship anything without enough insurance, be ready to grant full refunds immediately to those that request them, and have replacement products ready to ship quickly.

Having a good customer service protocol in position can help you retain customers even after their packages are lost or destroyed, and you never want to ship something without enough insurance coverage to protect against claims, losses, and refunds. Having said that, your best bet for shipping delicate electronics is a combination of packing them properly and using the right shipping carriers.