4 Ways To Intensify Your Workout Routine And Make It More Effective

4 Ways To Intensify Your Workout Routine And Make It More Effective

If you’ve decided to get in better shape, you want whatever workout routine you choose to be as effective as possible. Whether you are into lifting weights, running miles and miles, or doing aerobics, there are several methods you can use to intensify your routine and make it much more effective. If you’re ready to do so, start incorporating these four tips into your regular workout schedule.

Let Your Body Rest

While this sounds like the opposite of intensifying your workout, the truth is the rest days in-between your workouts are where your body does most of its work. Since your workout actually tears down tissue within your muscles, your rest days allow the muscles to repair themselves and grow. As a result, this is where lean muscle is actually built.

Oxygen Supplements

When you think of supplements, you almost always assume these are vitamins and minerals in pill form. However, you can also take advantage of oxygen supplements during and after your workout. By using pure canned oxygen, your body’s cells will get the boost they need to give you more energy, increased stamina, and even improve your mood. As a result, you are likely to have a much more fun and effective workout session.

Increase Weight

If you are into lifting weights for your workout, you can intensify your workout by increasing the amount of weight you are lifting. By making an increase of only 20 percent, you can then do fewer reps yet still gain the desired results. For example, if you normally do three sets of 10 reps, try reversing it with the heavier weights and do 10 sets of three reps. In doing so, you’ll build strength while making the lifting session much more intense.

Use Training Rounds

If you haven’t noticed by now, boxers are some of the most fit athletes you’ll find anywhere. As to why, most credit the three-minute training rounds they use while preparing for a fight. If you want to get your fitness level on par with a boxer, try using training rounds in your workout routine. For example, when doing cardio exercises, don’t do your standard 20-30 minute block. Instead, do 6-10 three-minute rounds where you go faster than normal, always making sure you have a one-minute rest period between rounds.

Once you start to vary your routine in ways such as these that will intensify the time you spend at the gym, you will look and feel better than you ever thought possible.