4 Ways To Avoid A Drain Cleaning Scam

Drain cleaning business has never felt better. It is a well-paid and demanding field today. Exactly because of this there are so many drain cleaning companies with not the best reputation and your goal is to eliminate all those scams to find the true reputable company. The question you should have at this point is how to find the true drain cleaning expert and not get hooked by a scammer? Exactly this problem we are addressing in this article. So read these five simple tips and get yourself a reliable professional to repair drains.

  1. Know how to spot the wrong questions. One of the most important moments in identifying an unreliable company is to hear the wrong questions coming from them. Some ‘experts’ aim for lonely women and elderly people who cannot stand for themselves. Their employees are specifically trained to identify this class of people. For instance, you will hear questions about your spouse or family status, which are not relevant to drains repair issue at all. If you hear something like this, make sure to stop any conversations and go away.
  2. Watch out for “evidence”. As a rule, scammers specifically train their workers convincing techniques. As a result they identify more problems than you actually have and most of them are at more sever levels than in reality. In order to avoid such scams, experts who professionally repair drains advise getting estimates from several drain repair companies and then comparing the received results. Professionals also say that it is of utmost importance to follow every estimator at his or her every step to ensure that he or she does not throw stones or any other foreign bodies into your drain to earn more money.
  3. Make sure you do not watch a rerun. Video cameras are frequently used in when experts repair drains or only make a preliminary check. But the important point here is to ensure that you are looking at the live version of the shot and the actual condition of your drains. The problem is that scammers frequently have pre-recorded videos of severe drain problems, they show these videos to the homeowners and consequently ask for more money. Your goal is to identify this kind of scam and ensure you see your drains. The easiest way is, of course, to get several estimates for comparison.
  4. Remember the basics. The basics include checking repair drains company’s credentials, license number, recommendations, and complaints register. At least this basic check will already eliminate half of the existing companies you’re your scale. When communicating with a company’s representative you can also ask about the list of references to verify the reaction on such an inquiry.

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