4 Ways Online Therapy Can Help With A Breakup

4 Ways Online Therapy Can Help With A Breakup

Talking to a therapist about a breakup is extremely common and is, in fact, one of the most frequent reasons why people seek therapy. What benefit does speaking to a therapist provide that makes this so common? And where done online therapy come into play?

1: A Therapist Listens Like a Perfect Friend

A therapist, through genuine empathy and support, helps you feel more at ease. He or she creates an environment of relaxation and a feeling of closure in your life as you discuss psychological and logistic. With online therapists being only a few taps away, online therapy can be particularly helpful during the initial stages of the breakup, when strong emotions surface unexpectedly and suddenly.

2: A Therapist Helps you think More Rationally

A therapist helps you develop techniques to become more aware of your thoughts.  He or she helps you identify sources of distress by looking at the way you perceive the situation and providing you feedback on changes you can make to your thinking or behavior that will improve how you feel. A therapist can help you come up with words for your emotions and what you can yourself when you are experiencing them. Therapists can provide you with structure throughout your healing process and give you an objective perspective. The online therapy platform eTherapi allow therapists to send messages, ask questions and probe deeper any painful thoughts in between 1-1 sessions.

3: A Therapist Helps Generate Good Questions

A therapist (whether in person or online) asks you good questions that you may not have considered: questions that make you reflect more effectively and questions to help structure your conversation. He or she helps you understand psychological aspects of your breakup such as getting a better understanding of the origin of your feelings or of how prior experiences with family or friends may also have influenced or impacted your relationship.  Good answers to your problems require knowing the right questions first.

4: Get through the Healing Process More Quickly

There are many stages to the healing process and each needs to be handled carefully and delicately for you to move on with your life without creating complications. It is a process that takes time and lots of patience, and having a guide with experience helping people through the process can help you navigate this difficult time. Along the way, there are logistics that a therapist can help you deal with, such as how to discuss the situation with the other people in your life and dealing with your former partner’s new significant other.

Today, talking to a therapist is not only more common than ever, but there are more options than ever, both in choosing the right therapist, and in being able to talk in an environment that is comfortable for you. With today’s technology, therapy does not necessarily even require going to an office, and online therapy can be just as effective or more effective. In fact, having a world of therapists available guarantees that you can find one who fits your personality and needs.