4 Types Of College Application Essays You Will Come Across

There is no hiding fact that a four letter word called ESSAY is not as simple as it is to spell. It is also sometimes the most frustrating task to complete when you have other exciting things to look forward to instead of typing on the computer for hours with research and formatting. However, it is something that all students must do in order to be progressive in their academic paths.

Having said that, those essays are just purely academic and students can get used to them since they are a task which needs to be done to clear the courses as simply as that. However, acollege essay or applications where you have to write different essay type answers when you are applying for a college degree program is sometimes very difficult. This is because you usually do not write them on a frequent basis and you do not have the pressure of the future of your most aspired college depending on them. For students to clearly understand what these essays are, we will be dividing the kind of essays that appear in college application in four different types or sections of this academic blog.

The Personal Statement Essay

These essays are the most common kinds in applications of both average colleges and some of the top colleges of the country. Personal statement essays usually revolve around subjects like “Tell us about yourself” or “Tell us about an experience that taught you a lesson”. These essays are purely based on the merit and way of communication of the student talking about something they have experienced before. Whenever you are working on such essays, make sure first you select an occasion or a topic which played a significant role in your life and secondly you have the words to explain it. Here the admission panel is trying to find a side of you which is not evident through your academic transcripts.

Your Passion and Favorite Activity

This is a tricky essay answer to attempt. The reason being the students do not have much to write about, the simplest answer to this can be arts, basketball or sports of any kind.However, here what you need to do is highlight the kind of passion that drives you around besides books and knowledge. You can choose a topic where you think you are most comfortable. You can talk about the best thing you like to do after school or when you are stressed. Similarly, you can talk about your achievements in that activity something that proves how good you are.Students often contact a homework help service as they are quite authentic and reliable and offer practical rates along with that.

Why Us?

Most college applications will have this question asking you to find reasons that made you apply to the institution. Out of all, why have you made the choice of spending a significant money and time of your life with this college? The simplest way to answer this is to go back to the occasions that made you come to this college. Whether it’s their degree program which fits perfectly with the future and whether you have been referred or recommended by someone. Your best answer should be in relation to how this college can help you in the future and this is why in the context of your future you wish to study at this college.

Reflecting on the Past

Some college essays ask you to reflect on your past experiences and tell something about them. For example,questions like “Highlight a moment where you managed to complete a certain task without the help of your group members at a crucial time”. Here it is important you must carefully analyze your answer and ensure it makes sense before penning it down.

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