4 Top Health Tips For Electromagnetic Protection

Are you concerned about the health effects of electromagnetic radiation? Studies have shown that exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on a regular basis can cause a greater risk of health problems from cancer and heart disease to headaches and fatigue. Since you spend most of your time in the home or the office, it makes sense to look at ways you can protect yourself from EMFs in these places. You will never be able to completely avoid exposure to electromagnetic radiation but you can find ways to minimise the damage.

  1. Pay Attention to Distance

Electromagnetic radiation gets weaker the further you are away from the source. So one very simple way to help protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation is to position yourself further away from where it is coming from. Even moving a few inches can help to protect your body from harmful electromagnetic frequencies. Look at how your appliances are positioned in the home and find ways to place things so they are further away when you use them. This may not always be possible, but it is worth trying as it is the simplest way you have of reducing the impact of EMFs.

In particular, never have your phone charging next to the head of your bed at night, and don’t use a laptop directly on your lap.

  1. Switch Off When Not in Use

Appliances will “leak” radiation when they are not in use, so an effective way of cutting down on exposure is simply to unplug and switch off when you are not using an appliance. Are you really using all those things that are plugged in right now, for example? Turn off your printer, the laptop you are not using, your phone, and the microwave. And make absolutely sure you turn everything off before you go to bed at night.

  1. Use a Wired Phone in the Home

Don’t think you can cope without a landline that allows you to walk around when on the phone? Think about how much better it is for your health and you’ll soon change your mind. Wireless phones and wireless computer networks generate significant electromagnetic radiation. Cut down on the problem at the source and install wired systems.

  1. Look at Protective Devices

If you get an EMF meter and see how much electromagnetic radiation you are being exposed to on a daily basis, you will want to look into ways of protecting yourself physically from the radiation. You can find cell phone radiation protection, devices to block EMFs, special paint and wall coverings, and other items designed to cut the amount of damage electromagnetic radiation does to your body.