4 Tips To Resume Your Workout Routine After Holidays

4 Tips To Resume Your Workout Routine After Holidays

We all need vacations after much hard work to enjoy the time with no restrictions and duties. But it happens that it is not easy at all to continue our physical activity on holiday, though, it is possible, so at return, especially after a long time, we already have suffered a loss of adaptation. As a rule, you need a week to recover for getting ready to join the lost fitness routine. If you have had two weeks of vacation, your body will meet again with its optimal state of adaptation in two weeks. There are some good tips to regain your workout routine.

1 – Start Slowly

The worst mistake you can make is to think that nothing has happened here and continue your training with the same intensity as you did before leaving. Well, you are dead wrong and you are running the substantial risk of injury. For example, two weeks pass quickly and before you know it, you will be back enjoying the same level that you withdrew the gym.

2 – Lower the Weights

This means that you must do more repetitions per set. For example, if you were doing flat bench press with sixty kilograms and three sets of 10 repetitions each, you need to lower down to fifty just kilograms and do four sets of 12 repetitions. Mi40x will send the required information to the muscle fibers to begin building work again.

3 – Increase Breaks between Sets and Exercises

If you stop before one minute between sets and three minutes between exercises, increase the break time. The reason is simple that your body lost some of adaptation and the best way to recover is introducing it little by little. If you increase break from a minute to a minute and a half between sets and three minutes to three and a half minutes or four minutes between exercises, you will be helping your muscle fibers to recover more effectively. Remember that when you return to the gym, patience is your best ally.

4 – Train Whole Body

A big temptation that several athletes fall for is to train only the showy muscles to return to the gym, so to get it back ASAP, but it is like fixing one part only, ignoring the rest of the machine. Normally you have to train your whole body, including legs, glutes, and you body will respond fully faster if you train completely, since the muscle fibers will activate your whole body instead of making an arbitrary selection.