4 Tips For Buying A Used Car From A Private Seller

If you need a car and do not have the money, or simply do not want to spend the money on a new car, you need to tread carefully with buying a used vehicle.  While there are plenty of great ones, we have heard one too many horror stories to know there are also lots and lots of bad ones. Many people are interested in going through a private seller for a number of reasons, such as possibly getting a car more cheaply than at a dealer or a desire to avoid slick salesmen. Here are some important considerations if you are going this route.

Ask Why the Person is Selling the Car

There are many different reasons a person may be looking to unload a certain vehicle; knowing why can give you an idea of how much leverage you may have in the process. For example, if the person bought another car or is trying to sell his mother’s car who can no longer drive, he is probably very motivated to get rid of it ,and get some cash in hand, which can work to your advantage. If he is selling the car on behalf of his daughter who went off to college, he may not be in any particular rush and may be more likely to stand firm on the asking price.