4 Things You Should Know About AutoCAD

For many engineers, architects, and graphic designers, AutoCAD plays an essential role in their daily lives. Many of these professionals, however, take for granted just how advanced this software can be, along with the impact that it has on design and drafting.

To help you gain a better understanding of this technology and software, take a look at five things you should know about AutoCAD.

It Was Released in 1982

One of the more interesting things about this essential software is the fact that it was released as long ago as 1982. It was derived from a program called Interact CAD, which was one of the first programs to be written by Autodesk co-founder Mike Riddle.

Since its introduction to the public in 1982, the software had 30 different releases for Windows. In addition, it currently has releases for Mac and iOS. The current version, AutoCAD 360, is cloud-based. With technology only continuing to improve, the capabilities of future releases are sure to improve.

There Are Three Main Variants of the Software

In order to offer the technological advantages of the software to as many people as possible, there are three different variants offered. The first option is simply known as AutoCAD and is the highest priced form of the software while also providing the most advanced capabilities. The second option, which is LT, is considered to be an entry-level version and was not released to the public until 1993.

The second option, which is called 360, is one that works through an account-based model. This option uses cloud-based storage and requires that users commit to a monthly or yearly plan. In addition to the customisable 360 plans, the brand also offers a freemium option for users that are not yet sure if they want to commit to the software. Certified Autodesk dealers, such as RedStack, generally offer all three variants.

There Are Student and Teacher Versions Available for Free

Autodesk has always made it clear that it is their goal to make AutoCAD available to as many people as possible. For this reason, they decided to offer the software free to all qualifying students and teachers. While it is required that they renew their license every 18 months, qualifying individuals receive all the advantages of the commercial version of the software for none of the cost. Companies like RedStack will generally also provide support for students and teachers receiving this version.

Autodesk Now Supports Mac OS

Interestingly enough, Autodesk actually decided that they would stop supporting Apple manufactured computers back in 1994. In 2010, however, they made a deal with the tech giant to bring back support for Apple devices and they are now supporting Macs, iPhones and iPads, with Mac OS, OS X, and iOS included.

According to most Apple-based users of the software, Autodesk really seemed to go out of their way to create a supported version that was easy-to-use on Mac OS devices. This is a decision that has allowed Autodesk to continue expanding their user base to a level that has ever-increasing.

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