4 Things to Look For In A New Dentist

4 Things to Look For In A New Dentist

Finding a new dentist is one of the most important health decisions you can make. You will want to locate a dental practice that meets your family needs by providing quality care. The following tips can help.

Look for a General Practitioner

Unless you have special dental needs due to your health or a medical condition, a general dentist or a family dentist can provide competent care for you and your loved ones. A regular dental practice usually offers a range of services for patients of all ages, including preschoolers and seniors. Contact the office before scheduling an appointment to make sure you can get the services you need. It helps when the office also has a hygienist on staff, so you don’t have to go elsewhere for a professional dental cleaning.

Tour the Office

Many dentist offices have websites with photos from their facility or with a visual tour. You can see what the place looks like before calling to arrange an appointment. You will get an idea of what the staff look like, the condition of the office, and the type of equipment used for services provided. You could also ask to stop by and walk through the office when it’s not busy to see the reception area and waiting room. A clean, well-organized dental office will instill confidence in the dentist’s professionalism and patient care.

Knowledge and Skill

Check the dentist’s credentials on the website, which should include university certification to practice dentistry. The dentist might also have additional training in specialty areas of interest as well as serving on various dental boards and membership in state or national dentistry associations. If the dentist has been in practice for many years, that may indicate proven experience, especially if the practice has a large client base. You might want to contact the American Dental Association or the local Better Business Bureau as well as do an online search for any signs of complaints or legal charges.

Personality and Character

A dentist with a pleasant chairside manner is always a plus. Staff that are good with child patients or the elderly are preferred. You might want to get a dentist that avoids profanity or crude jokes while working with patients. Providing sample supplies after a checkup is also appreciated.

Steps like these can lead you to the right dentist. Take time to find the best dentistry office in your area to protect your dental health.