4 Steps to Build A Medical Marijuana Production Unit

If you are looking to establish a medical marijuana production unit in Canada, you need authorized agency that will support you throughout the process. Here are the key steps to go about:

  1. Accredited Health Laboratories

You will be referred to the health laboratories that have been accredited by the government. You will receive the right guidance to produce marijuana legally. Here, GrowLegally MMAR consultants will also help you during the process. They will take you through to all the regulatory and testing requirements.

In short, you will get complete instructions and support right from the start through to the functional stage. MMPR consulting is to ascertain that your firm should comply with the rules and regulations of Marijuana for Medical Purpose.

  1. License

In the next phase, the authorized MMAR consulting agency will help you obtain the producer’s license in order to grow legal marijuana in Canada. This process involves applying and submitting your application for license. Here, you will receive professional guidance and assistance in preparing an accurate application according to the standard requirements. Avoiding any assistance may result in costly delays, which you would never want. At the same time, the concerned agency will offer liaising with Health Canada regarding your application. It would also represent your company during periodic audits.

  1. SOP

In order to run a medical marijuana production unit, you need to comply with all the necessary requirements stipulated by Health Canada. There are specific regulations concerning the following:

  • Premises
  • Equipment
  • Production process

Here, your MMAR consultant will help you devise an SOP according to the requirements of Health Canada. It will also go ahead in helping you set up your facility. There are other things to consider while creating a facility suited for medical marijuana production. These are:

  • There are strict regulations for cleanliness and well-controlled environment. You also need to ensure proper sanitation and clean production unit.
  • You are going to need a fool-proof security system – another important requirement, which will be set up by the help of your concerned agency.
  • Comprehensive and well-synchronized inventory control system is one essential requirement of your business, and you can create it with the guidance of your medical marijuana license consulting agency.
  • Lastly, you need to comply with packaging and labeling instructions as well. Your hired agency will advise you regarding these procedures as well.
  1. Support

After establishing your business, the concerned agency will continue to offer on-going support with respect to regulation and quality. Your company will need quality control department, and a quality assurance executive will be designated to explain your concerns regarding the production of marijuana, or any issues in this respect.

Apart from internal quality control, your products will be tried and tested in those accredited laboratories and this will be arranged by the concerned MMAR firm. A quality analytical expert from a third party will test your products on highest standards of the industry. Your product will also be tested for stability and any issues in this regard will be communicated to you. This is ensure the medical marijuana produced by your firm shall meet the industry standards, and it must have the required stability over time.

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