4 Most Fattening Alcoholic Beverages

4 Most Fattening Alcoholic Beverages

Did you know liquid calories can be even more detrimental to your diet than high caloric foods? Just one boozy beverage can have as many calories as a fast food burger. And while you (probably) only eat one burger, stopping after one drink is less realistic.

As the holidays draw near, you’ll no doubt find yourself getting your drink on. You’ll also find yourself tempted by popular holiday party drinks loaded with sugar and calories. Here are 4 drinks to skip, as well as 4 waistline-friendly alternatives.


Eggnog is nearly impossible to avoid during the holidays, when this festive drink is a staple at Christmas parties. With rich ingredients like bourbon, eggs, whipping cream and sugar, this classic holiday drink is better suited for the dessert table than the punch bowl.

Drink this instead: Spiked apple cider. You don’t need to skimp on holiday spirit — substitute eggnog for this 200-calorie drink made with apple cider and dark rum.