4 Major Tips For Handling Fireworks Responsibly

Setting off fireworks during a holiday or other special occasion is a time-honored tradition that can provide fun and enjoyment for people of all ages. While fireworks can be a lot of fun, they can also pose a real safety hazard when used inappropriately. From choosing the right environment for your next fireworks show to complying with local laws governing the use of fireworks, the following tips can help to ensure a safe and exciting experience for all.

Obey Local Fireworks Laws and Codes

Many cities and counties have enacted laws governing the safe use of fireworks. Other issues, like high temperatures or a prolonged drought that may have created ideal conditions for wildfires, may result in additional warnings, restrictions or other guidelines to be issued. Learning more about any laws or codes that govern the use of fireworks is always a smart move.

Choosing a Safe Space

Not every environment may allow for the safe use of fireworks. While the risk of starting an accidental fire is often the chief concern when selecting a space, the presence of large crowds or even proximity to moving traffic may also raise concerns. Selecting an area that provides plenty of space, minimal risk of fire and that remains well removed from large crowds is always the best option.

Ensure That Children Are Supervised

Ensuring that children are provided with adequate supervision during your next fireworks show is not a responsibility that should ever be taken lightly. While keeping kids from playing with matches and lighters or ensuring they remain a safe distance away from larger fireworks may seem like a no-brainer, smaller devices and even sparklers may be potentially dangerous if used in an unsafe manner. Supervising any children present will ensure that all fireworks are able to be used safely and responsibly.

Keep an Extinguisher Handy

Even the most cautious preparations aren’t always enough. Keeping a fire extinguisher handy ensures that any accidental fires can be dealt with swiftly and without issue. Bringing along a first-aid kit in order to treat minor burns or other small injuries can also be a wise precaution.

When used safely, fireworks can provide an exciting and enjoyable way to celebrate a holiday or mark a special occasion. Ensuring that all fireworks and devices are securely stored, responsibly handled, and used only in a safe area can allow you to eliminate many of the risks that might otherwise lead to an accidental fire, injury, or other mishaps.