4 Easy Ways To Trim Your Cat’s Nails

4 Easy Ways To Trim Your Cat’s Nails

How important is your cleanliness for you? Don’t you try to cut your nails and hair in time or clean yourself regularly? Your pets are no different, they to need timely cleaning. But the only difference is that your pets can not do this work effectively by themselves. Pets like cat or dog needs your assistance to complete this task of regular cleaning.

Doing this can be a little difficult. As you know, cats and dogs hate water. Thus, following a regular clean up process can become a little problematic. This article shares 4 easy hacks to make this process easy.

Trimming nails is the foremost part of cleaning. Also, for some, this is the most difficult part. The nails can grow in layers and if not trimmed, cats can cause injuries to themselves while itching. Although, trusting your veterinarian is the best way, but in case of emergency, you should follow these tips to help your cat trim its nails.

  1. Make sure your Cat is calm

Only when you are able to calm down your cat and create a composite environment, you can think of trimming your cat’s nail. The best way to do it is to make your cat used to this process of cleaning at an early stage. You can also use rewards when the work is done.

Keeping the process of trimming nails in the routine of the cat right from the beginning will make your cat accustomed to the process. If your cat is agitated in the process, do not force it. Stop at that time and start again when it calms down.  

Trimming nails of your kitty will not only ensure that your cat will not cause any injuries to itself but it will also make sure that you and your clothes are safe from damages. You can hold and cuddle your cat anytime without having the fear of nail scratches.

  1. Using the right tools is important

There are 2 usable tools to clip off your cat’s nails.

  1. i) Guillotine: This model is the most common clipper which functions by inserting the nail into the opening and then pressing the handle so that the blade can cut nail safely, without damaging the skin. Although, this method is way too easy to use, but the blades wear off over time. Cutting nails with such blades can be very difficult.
  1. ii) Scissors: The scissors used for trimming nails has a slight curve. If you are using this tool, you will need to use a little technique to be sure that no harm to cat is done. This tool is most effective for long nails, dew claws or with the nails in the inner side of each foot.   
  1. Follow the procedure

While clipping off the nails, be very sure that you follow a procedure. Extend the claws towards you. Hold the paw in between your thumb and index finger placing thumb on the top of the claw. Gently hold the claw and extend it so that it can be trimmed. You ought to know the extent to which these nails are to be clipped. Do not cut too far as there are chances that you may hit at the area of arteries called ‘quick’ which will result in bleeding and pain to your cat. The quick appears as a pink stripe if the nails of the cat are clear. If your cat has dark nails and it is difficult to judge the mark of quick, you should cut the nails more often by trimming just the tips.

If by chance your cat starts bleeding because of a cut in the claw, immediately apply styptic powder or cornstarch on the hand to stop the bleeding.

  1. Consider pet services and Grooming essential

Such cleanliness services are very crucial for your cat or any other pet. You ought to maintain a routine for the same. One good way to get these services is through professional grooming service providers moving on wheels near your home. Many such providers have gained experience and expertise in their work. As they are mobile, they can be serving pets near your home. You will not have to carry your pet long way to the veterinary. Professional services for your loved family members are just next door.

Make sure that you follow the guidelines explained above to trim your cat’s nails effectively. Not only is it important to follow the regular cleaning process for your cat, it is also crucial to ensure that the right procedure is followed for the same. Professional services can help you to maintain both the standards of cleanliness on time and with right procedure.

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