3 Ways To Handle Juvenile Offense Cases As A Force Official

3 Ways To Handle Juvenile Offense Cases As A Force Official

Juvenile offense translates into crime related activities been committed by underaged persons in the society. These offenses could be anything and related to anything, but are mostly acts that are against the law guiding any society of nation. Mostly, juvenile offenses incorporates acts of theft, public fight which may lead to murder, and drink and drive crimes as often rampant in the United States of America. Drug trafficking is also contained in one of the rising crimes underaged children partake in nowadays, however, findings have not made it clear the exact annual percentage record.

Force officials such as the Police, Soldiers, Civil Defence as well as other indigenous force agencies are often the first to intervene in crime cases. Since they have it as responsibility to serve and protect the people. In this chapter, we are strictly discussing possible ways to handle a fresh juvenile offense case at occurrence. Should they be given same treatment as the adults, are they rough-handled in same manner as the adults, with regards to the weight of their crime, even before given a fair trial etc

Fair Treatment

As force officials – It is advisable that handling cases with a fair treatment is highly commendable. Since children below the age of eighteen are barely mature enough to withstand a harsh or hitch treatment which may result into more damages. This is often noticed at the first instance when a person is caught red handed by a member of the defense corps. Or other notably recognised security body.

Provide Care if Needed

Anyone stands the chance to answer his case in the court of law when found guilty at any instance or the other. And hence, such opportunities should not be deprived with regards to age bracket or gender category. Juveniles should be given adequate care and hospitality if situation demands, especially at the point of arrest for a crime or the other. For example, should a juvenile male child be found guilty of murder case at the point of physical fight and misuse of dangerous tools. If found injured, should be hospitalized, before further interrogations and trial at the court of law.

Educated on the Reasons for their Penalty

Giving adequate enlightenment to Juvenile crime factors will help them to understand the degree of their sin. And why they have to abstain unconditionally from it. Even if they have to be imprisoned in the meantime. In most countries, this is mostly referred  to as“Child orientation on trial” and can either be done by the lawyer presiding over the case.

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