3 Types Of Product Inspection In China

3 Types Of Product Inspection In China

The word ‘inspection’ implies a formal or an official examination that also includes estimates, measurements and assessments to determine the uniqueness of a product or an object and to know whether or not it is at par with the pre-decided standards. At every stage of the society, inspection is a must which ensures the safety and security of products and services. Hence, carrying out an inspection is imperative for each and every business worldwide. Such inspections should be conducted at different stages of manufacturing and selling of any particular product.

Product Inspection is Important

While outsourcing a business to China or in other similar countries with a low production cost, product inspection is a must. These inspections are generally conducted before the product gets shipped to the purchaser. With this, a lot of problems can be easily corrected as well as prevented before they turn up to be a much bigger issue.

Let us now see the three types of product inspection which are generally carried out by most of the businesses worldwide.

  • Pre-Production Inspection

This type of inspection takes place when almost 20% of the production is completed. It lets the company acquire an immediate judgment of the real capability of the products and it also helps in identifying the issues and rectifying them while there is still a lot of time left before the product goes out in the market. The quality analysts or inspectors during this inspection provide the kind of feedback which includes some detailed information about the finished goods along with the realistic timeline of the production. Also, the raw materials which are being used in the production are thoroughly checked in order to ensure that the company is producing goods the way it has promised to the consumers.

  • During Production Inspection (DUPRO)

DUPRO is recommended for a company when it is working with a new factory or when it is making an order for the first time. This kind of inspection is conducted once when almost 20%-60% of the production is completed and it helps in providing a detailed evaluation of the manufacturing process, the usage of the materials and the overall workflow. This is very important during the shipments of goods of substantial quantity as continuous production process may often lead to severe swings in the quality of the products.

  • Pre-Shipment Inspection

The pre-shipment or the final inspection takes place when 80%-100% of the production is over. Every pre-shipment inspection in China goes through rigorous onsite testing to ensure the industry standards. Within 12 hours of this inspection, the company receives the rating of ACCEPTED, HOLD, or REJECTED, along with the reasons behind such failures, if any.

This is vital for each and every business in China to carry out these product inspections in order to be sure about their merchandises. It also ensures customer satisfaction at the end and this is what is most important for every manufacturer in the whole wide world.

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