3 Key Upgrades for Marijuana Fans

Smoking marijuana can be as simple as it is enjoyable. People have been partaking of our favorite smokable for 7,000 years or more, and for much of that time nobody had fancy gear or accessories. But it’s also true that not all marijuana experiences are the same. With a few key upgrades to your smoking gear, you could get a lot more out of your marijuana rituals.

Of course, we’re not saying that you need to run out and buy all new smoking stuff. Far from it! Actually, a few key upgrades to your gear and accessories will go a long way. Here are the key upgrades that every fan of marijuana should consider making.

Switch to vaping

If you’re still smoking your marijuana instead of vaping it, you’re a bit behind the times. Vaping has exploded in popularity, and marijuana and THC vaping products available in areas with legal marijuana make it as easy to switch to vaping from marijuana smoking as it is to switch to vaping from cigarettes and other tobacco smoking products.

Vaping has some big advantages over traditional marijuana smoking. It’s more efficient, for one thing. It’s also easier on your lungs, which is good news for athletes, health-conscious folks, and anyone who doesn’t want to be coughing all of the time.

You should consider investing in a brand-name product like a Wulf vape. You don’t have to give up joints and bongs entirely, but you should strongly consider adding vaping to your options, especially if you’re a heavy smoker. It will be a big improvement for your lungs and your lifestyle.

Find your perfect strand

Back in the dark ages of marijuana, people who purchased pot illegally (we’re sure that this group does not include you!) did not have much in the way of options. Specific strands were hard to come by, information was limited and sometimes erroneous, and the idea of having a favorite “type” of marijuana and buying it consistently was a pipe dream.

Now, things are very different. In the 10 states with legal recreational marijuana (and in the District of Columbia, where marijuana is legal for recreational use as well), dispensaries are full of different varieties of marijuana.

So if you’re still buying whatever you picked out on your first visit, you should break out of that habit. Try a few different varieties, familiarize yourself with the difference between indica and sativa strands, check out hybrids, and start to develop an informed sense of what you look for in marijuana. Ask the friendly folks at your dispensary for tips and take some time to develop your own taste. When you do find the right strand and start to settle down, you’ll have a better fit than you do now. Upgrade!

Get your travel gear

Maybe you have a great, brand-name piece of glass at home. But what about when you visit a friend’s house? What about when you go camping? What then? If you’re using some makeshift method that would embarrass even a college stoner, then you need to stop that immediately.

You should invest in a niece vape or piece of glass that will weather well on the road. You don’t want to be the desperate-looking fellow rolling a joint with printer paper, do you? When you grab your classy shaving kit for the wedding weekend or pick up your backpacking backpack for the trek, you can grab your nice travel piece, too, and prepare for a trip full of shame-free toking. Just remember that you can’t cross state lines with your gear. While marijuana is legal in many states, the federal government doesn’t take kindly to interstate highs.