3 Applications on Android Apt for Your Smartphone

The world of android is brimming with options, variety, and most important choices. You have the choice to choose anything that you want. You can get the best applications that are wonderful and most effective. You can also pick the options in applications that make you feel good, get the best content and works speedily.

In this article, you would definitely get to know about some unusual but really popular and useful applications. Maybe you have different apps installed in your android device but you have to get these apps on board for sure. After all, these are going to uplift your experience for sure. Have a look below:

GB Whatsapp

There are every reason and chance that all of you use Whatsapp, right? Well, this popular and amazing platform is really amazing and keeps the near ones and friends connected at all times, beyond boundaries and at any time. But again, what if you get to know that there is a better, modified and more customized version of Whatsapp in the market?

AH, have you checked out GBwhatsapp 2018 out? Indeed, this is the next level of the original Whatsapp platform.  It gets you many different exciting features that you might not find in the original application. The modified version is getting popular because of its caterings and the ease it is offering to the android users. Once you have this application you can personalize your Whatsapp. You can change the color and theme of the Whatsapp, can change the icon and even change the fonts and styles in the app. Moreover, you can run two Whatsapp in a single android device once you have this app installed in your device.


Ah, if you love to eat food and make it too then this is a perfect app for you. The highlight of this application is that it pulls together different kinds of recipes from different recipe websites. At the same time, the platform even provides you search results for main food blogs too. In every case, you can easily filter all the aspects and things as per your ease, preferences and allergy needs. The more you use this amazing food platform, the more the application gets to understand what you enjoy and relish; offering you personalized recommendations to make sure you are ensured of a tasty snack and meal. The application is easy to use and really a joy to have.

Vidmate Application

Right from chatting to food, now we would talk about videos and movies. Yes, this application is all about endless abundance in videos and movies. You can enjoy a great variety in the realm of this app. it is important that you do vidmate 2018 app download and in this way, you would get the best experience for sure. This app is going to cater to your variety of videos, movies, clips and similar content from manifold platforms like Dailymotion, YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Metacafe, Instagram, Vimeo and so many other. Moreover, the users can also have the choice to pick the video format of their choice like mp4, 3gp, AVI, FLV, and others. Of course, you can also choose HD resolution and any other as per the need of your android device.


Thus, do you still think you should skip any of these three applications? Come on, it would be you lose for sure.