14 Signs Every Girl Who Loves Ethnic Wear Will Relate To

The charm and grace of ethnic wear has always fascinated us—especially girls. With the time-to-time innovation and introduction of new trends and fashion, every girl wants to be a show-stopper at every party she goes to, by owning and wearing as much ethnic clothes she can. Indian women are no doubt a die-hard fan of traditional clothing and following are the 14 signs which a girl who loves ethnic will absolutely relate to:

A girl doesn’t wear ethnic wear to wear it simply, but to let her body accept it whole-heartedly.

No matter if you find a Kurti, or a saree, you will end up wearing it like cocooning yourself in it beautifully.

You already had developed the liking towards ethnic wear in childhood; you just realized your obsession now.

Remember those days, when you were a kid and used to try out your mother’s saree or suits. Now you don’t just try, you wear them like a boss.

  • The number of Kurtis as well as those of salwar-suitsdominates the number of dresses present in your ward-robe.
  • You always ignore the fact that clothes are literally peeking out of your wardrobe, when you see beautiful ethnics,you buy it.
  • Occasionally, you get compliments as well as praises from people around you, about your good preferences as well as taste in wearing an Indian wear.
  • You like to experiment and always end up blending western fashion with your clothes,every time you step out of your house.
  • You never forget to buy matching bangles, ear-rings, necklaces, and whatever accessories that can match your Trendy, classy, or elegant—you name it, you know, you have it all.
  • For you, every festival arrives to make you buy a beautiful saree or a trendy salwar suit.
  • Despite few people calling you names on how often you wear ethnic wear, you flip them off and flaunt your clothing as much as you can.
  • Whether you wear a saree, or a lehenga; a suit or a normal yet trendy kurti with jeans—you always need a bindi to complete your look.
  • You don’t believe in sappy stuff, but when your dupatta flows in the wind, you don’t mind feeling all Bollywood-ish and smiling.
  • Wherever you go, you have your wallet ready, for you know you will end up buying those lovely looking jhumkas, sarees, bangles, ear-rings or suits.
  • To show your sassy-self to the world, you prefer nose-ring over nose-pin, which makes you feel proud of your choice.
  • All thanks to your awesome taste in ethnic wear, that your friends prefer you if they need an advice or two on ‘how to wear a saree or how to drape it’ or even on ‘how to match jewellery with the clothing impressively’. You are an expert to them, and secretly, you love being one. 

Hence, a girl like you know how to rock a salwar suit and how to carry it while being the same you.