10 Tips To Make Your Coffee A Healthy Habit

10 Tips to Make Your Coffee a Healthy Habit

Many people who love coffee live with a guilt of consuming something unhealthy can make it a healthy habit. Those who cannot go without coffee keep listening about weaning off it from their family members and friends. But, the tips would help you to continue the habit by just bringing some trivial changes in the way of taking coffee. As the coffee is not completely unhealthy, it has some benefits as well but they come into effect only when it is taken in a right way.

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  1. Don’t take coffee in bed rather take it after 10 am because you don’t need it before 10 am. Research says that people feel alert in the morning after waking up since they have high cortisone levels in their body. But, they need coffee after a few hours when the cortisone level drops mean the time when they reach office.
  2. Research has also shown that caffeine works better in small and frequent doses. So it’s better to take coffee this way instead of taking a heavy dose in the morning.
  3. Avoid taking coffee with your meals. Instead of taking it just after lunch, take it an hour after when you feel sleepy.
  4. You shouldn’t take it after dinner as well since it will spoil your sleep and make you feel uncomfortable. But take it before a power nap as according to the research after waking up, it enhances the productivity.
  5. Every caffeinated drink has diuretic properties. So you need to take an additional glass of water with every cup of coffee to cover up the loss.
  6. Coffee in excessive amount can result in upset stomach, irritability, and insomnia. So ensure that you take about 400 mg caffeine in coffee a day not more than that as the amount is considered to be safe for adults.
  7. You should take a small cup of coffee after learning something, attending a lecture or making a to-do list for a difficult project because it helps to boost memory after a learning event.
  8. Caffeine also improves the endurance while exercising by using fat as fuel which your dietician may disagree. So, you can take it before exercise.
  9. The real benefit comes with the way you make it. Instead of taking coffee with milk, you should take it with plant-based milk additives such as almond milk, coconut milk, or soy milk etc.
  10. Also, use raw honey instead of sugar as well as try to avoid artificial sweeteners and milk substitutes.

This way you can lead a healthy life while keeping the habit of taking coffee. Now, you can also shop online with amazon promo code and bring all types of coffee home at the discount price like Blend, Decaf, Drip, Espresso, and Single Origin etc. Don’t just avoid coffee now, avoid the wrong way of taking coffee.