10 Risks When Driving On The Road and How You Can Avoid Them

We continue in the holiday season. At this very moment, we travel the roads of our beautiful country in all directions. Enjoying the scenery, sun and why not? Even in the rain on the way.

It all sounds great, but what are some of the most common risks when handling road? If you do not, then we invite you to continue reading this post.

  1. Road with sinuous curves or dangerous

In a curve requires less spin, i.e. if the curve is to the left is to move slightly to the right side of the road, which reduces the severity and the risk of skidding.

It is therefore important to remember the golden rule: Reduce speed is important to the sinuous curves, so we must pay attention to the signs to take due caution. Your car wheels are important in this issue, so we prefer you should use wheel from reputed manufacturer like 18 Mercedes Benz wheels.

  1. People or Animals crossing

Each year, thousands of motorists unfortunately suffer setbacks on the road when people or animals are crossed. Sometimes it is virtually impossible to rid the obstacle in the asphalt due to speeding or, to the little attention of the driver.

If you find that there are animals grazing around or no villages nearby, it is best that you reduce speed , it will help you can detect in advance an obstacle, honks to provoke the reaction of the person or see the reaction if animals.

At night it is necessary to slow down and before any abnormal brightness on the road take precautions as may signal the existence of an animal on the road.

  1. Glare from sun

If you are a morning conductor, surely this will be one of your most common nemeses. The best in these cases is to use sunglasses, avoid speeding and keep clean the windshield.

Remember that when we drive with the sun in front is more difficult to see cars in the distance, consider using low beam.

  1. Two-way roads

Ideally drive on these roads as close as possible to limit the lane on the right side; of course without encroaching on the line, it will help you get a better view of traffic to all other vehicles, especially those coming in the opposite direction.

Avoid circle near the vehicles traveling in front of you, especially if there is no possibility of exceeding; constantly reviews the mirrors. If another vehicle is about to pass, reduce your speed and if possible, move a little to the right for easy operation.

Bring daytime running lights on all the time, no matter what is night or day.

  1. Distractions by visual pollution

If you’re going to drive, focus on management, road and other vehicles. If seeing places of visual pollution, it is important to slow down.

  1. Works on the road

In Mexico it is very common that our authorities blessed perform maintenance work during the day and also at peak hours. For this reason it is preponderant remain vigilant on the road and especially long distance as well as the announcement of works to anticipate maneuvers.

Slow down, if possible by half or more than half of the speed that takes depending on the size of the work.

Pay attention to possible heavy goods vehicle or workers ‘ movements in the area. The use of flashing lights to sudden decrease in speed is essential.

  1. Roads in low light

It is recommended to bring the windshield and windows clean. Using clear glasses. Not driving under fatigue conditions. Avoid watching lights directly opposite road vehicles not suffer from glare.

  1. Mudslides hills

Unfortunately, the holiday season is also the rainy season, so it is vital to pay attention to warnings of possible landslides.

Keep calm in the event of any witness. Never cross the line indicated in the event of a mudslide. Identify the soundness of the way to go for sure path as far as possible.

  1. Bad weather

It is very important: Slow down. With wet floor must increase the distance from the vehicle ahead. Maintain a level of care and extra caution.

For smooth and progressive decelerations. In case of heavy rain, light the front and rear fog lights. Frequently check the pressure and condition of tires and maintain optimal operation of the wipers.

  1. Attention to the road signs

When transiting by road and is observed in the first instance the flashing lights of a vehicle that is stopped on the track, is indicative that we must be careful.

Before leaving check that the auto insurance coverage is in effect, any eventuality will be of much help. And remember; always keep handy the emergency phone.