10 Reasons Why You Choose A Vinyl Picket Fence For Your House

10 Reasons Why You Choose A Vinyl Picket Fence For Your House

The idea of a picket fence is to beautify your property and to have privacy. While the market offers many types and designs for picket fences, we think that a Vinyl picket fence is the best bet and here are ten reasons for the same!

1. Strength – One of the major advantages of vinyl picket fence is that it is about 5 times stronger than a wood fence! Unlike wood it lasts decades as it is immune to moisture and rot. It is great for fencing a swimming pool and bears perfectly in tricky weather conditions as well as compared to its counterparts. The resistance to chipping and peeling and immunity to termites adds to its strength. Thus, vinyl picket fence works better than a wooden fence and helps you in beautifying your home.

2. Flexibility – When it comes to vinyl fencing, the initial cost does seem higher but consider its long term use and you will know the right choice! Vinyl picket fence will always be much more flexible and stronger as compared to a chalk link or wooden fence. Its flexibility helps it in standing harsh winters, strong winds and other taxing weather conditions. This in turn increases its durability and it lasts longer than its counterparts.

3. Easy installation – Apart from being flexible and strong, it is lighter than the other choices in the market. It is very easy to install and hence can be easily installed on your own as well. Unlike wrought iron or wood, a vinyl picket fence will easily lock together and can be installed in a very short span of time and with minimal help. Thus, the cost and labour required is much less than other fences. Plus, you do not have to worry about painting it!

4. Affordable – A vinyl picket fence is very easy on your pocket. It lasts longer, is stronger, requires minimal care and maintenance and doesn’t even require regular painting! Thus, it is much more affordable as compared to wood or iron fences. It is a saving machine!

5. Low maintenance – It is resistant to paint and weather conditions. Dust and dirt does not settle and can just be easily sprayed off. It is also stronger and more flexible than the other counterparts. Hence, it automatically brings down your maintenance cost and efforts by a huge margin.

6. Eco friendly – Vinyl Picket fences are made up of chlorine which is derived from salt and hydrocarbons derived from natural gas. These components make it environment friendly. Plus, it can be easily recycled into other products, thus increasing its life cycle and reducing waste.

7. Less weathering damage – Vinyl fences are resident to moisture and strong winds and heat. They do not rust or rot and are immune to termites as well. This makes them more suitable to brave the tricky weather conditions.

8. Elite – They are crisp, minimal and classy looking.

9. Lighter weight – One of the best reasons to choose vinyl fences is their lighter weight. They can be easily handled during installation or refurbishment.

10. Fire resistant – Vinyl fences are fire resistant and hence add to the safety of your home.