10 Most Famous Escapees

4. Alfie Hinds

Alfred “Alfie” George Hinds was an English criminal who broke out of three high-security prisons, while serving various sentences for robberies. As a teenager, Alfie was involved in various petty thefts and after serving in the Second World War; he robbed a jewelry store and served 12 years of imprisonment. However, in a few months he escaped from the Nottingham Prison and lived in Ireland as a builder and decorator.

During his second capture, Alfie shoved his guards to the toilet cubicle and escaped to the crowd. He would escape about a year later from the Chelmsford Prison during his third capture and continued to live for two years as a used car dealer in Ireland. In his fourth capture, Alfie appealed for his arrest and served six years in Parkhurst Prison. He later earned $40,000 from the News of the World for rights of his story.