10 Most Depressed Scientists

Depressed people are often in a state of low mood and they tend to avoid activities that trigger specific feelings, thoughts and behaviors. Depressed people often feel restless, irritable, guilty, worthless, helpless, worried, empty, anxious and sad. Unfortunately, depression and brilliance can go hand in hand. These are ten incredibly talented people who are overcome by depression:

10. Viktor Meyer

Viktor Mayer or Viktor Meyer was a German chemist and contributed significantly in the inorganic and organic chemistry; and known for methods to accurately determine gas density. He invented the Viktor Mayer apparatus to derive relative mass and vapor density of gas.
Overtaxed and overworked, Meyer suffered nervous breakdowns, which led to depressing moments in his life. Yet, he continued working and failed to recover completely. To help him fall asleep, Mayer took pills but these had disruptive effects on his nervous system, further aggravating his condition. Meyer decided to commit suicide during one of his depressions by taking cyanide.