10 Famous African-American Inventors

Major contributions of great personalities and minds in the past have helped us enjoy a much more comfortable lifestyle. Decades ago, African Americans had very limited education opportunities, but some managed to invent things that we regularly use today. These are ten popular African-American inventors:

10. Madam CJ Walker

Madam CJ Walker or Sarah Breedlove was an African-American businesswoman and made her fortune through the Madam CJ Walker Manufacturing Company, a company specialized in hair and cosmetic products. She built her business empire by researching and developing hair products for black women. Madam CJ claimed that the formula to cure baldness was given by a large black man that appeared in her dream. She confronted the idea of using hair treatment methods for white women to that of blacks, due to different physical characteristics. As the first African-American woman millionaire, she contributed significantly to defend the rights of her people.