10 Best Breakfast Blast For Weight Loss

10 Best Breakfast Blast For Weight Loss


A larger percentage of excess weight that we often complain about is due to the kind of food that we take. Therefore, for us to be able to keep our weight in check, we should select the right kind of foods that will enable us to maintain a healthy weight. Most of the unhealthy foods are mostly consumed in the morning and the time between breakfast and lunch. The following are the breakfast blast for weight loss.

1. Green Tea

In most of our breakfasts, we often take milk tea that contain a lot of sugar and buttered bread with excess fats. One thing you may not be aware of is that it complements your weight gain causing weight related diseases. Joint pain facts have featured excess weight as one of the causes of joint pain. Therefore, if you do not want to be a victim consider green tea for breakfast. It is rich in protein that will keep you full for long reducing the chances of you taking foods that trigger weight gain.

2. Strawberry-chocolate

You might be used to taking chocolate bar alone or a chocolate drink but what you may not know it can also be taken with a fruit juice. Strawberry is one such fruit that you can take with chocolate for breakfast. Strawberry has the antioxidant properties good for easing join pain and is great in fueling the body for the day’s activities.

3. Combination of Berries and Beet

A combination of berry and beet is the best thing that you can do for an admirable body figure. It doesn’t have any excess fats or sugar that could cause the increase in weight. It is not only good for weight control but also skin beauty.

4. Kale- banana Drink

Green vegetables are stars in the maintenance of a healthy body. Kale is one of them that is rich in fiber that promote digestion reducing a number of fats stored. Also, fiber keeps a person full for a longer time reducing the chances of a person taking a lot of food after every moment that are not accounted for. It also balances the blood sugar levels.

5. Pawpaw and Ginger

This combination is rich in fiber and omega-3 that is a great anti-inflammatory agent. It is great in promoting proper digestion and reducing weight. Anti-inflammatory properties make it great for easing the common types of arthritis.

6. Oats and Berries

Most of the unhealthy food substances that contain excess sugar are the ones who always get you out of bed. Oats and berries are a perfect replacement; they have an irresistible taste especially when you back it up with ginger flavor. The main aim is to eradicate breakfast that encourages weight gain.

7. Chia Seeds and Maca

The main thing that makes a person eat is satisfying the feeling of hunger. There are many food substances that could satisfy you but what else? Chia and maca are great in satisfying, keeping you full for long and providing the energy you need.

8. Vanilla

Vanilla flavor is what you have tasted, but you may not have taken the real vanilla. It is a great drink that is rich in proteins that keep hunger far away. Research shows a little meal that keeps you satisfied for long is the great tool for fighting weight gain.

9. Eggs and Grapefruit

Eggs are a well-known source of proteins. Its combination with grapefruit is great for weight loss. It makes a person take less food the whole day because of its ability to maintain satiety for long. Try it and the next minute you will be looking for doctors to consult them on you less consumption of food.

10. Coconut and Macadamia

Coconuts are believed to contain larger amounts of fats, and that must be keeping you questioning my recommendation. The fats in it are monounsaturated, and it contains antioxidants. This makes it perfect for weight loss plan just avoid taking all large lot at once


Make it a tradition to take healthy food for breakfast that yields satisfaction for long. There is only one secret to overcoming the weight gain due to food; taking a healthy breakfast that can keep you full for long to avoid cravings for sugary or processed foods that trigger weight gain. Another way of reducing weight is through regular exercise and you can also try Bioslim.