Hotel Rathaus Wine & Design Tastefully Viennese

The ingenious combination of fine wine and sophisticated design makes Hotel Rathaus Wine & Design a truly special destination to begin a most memorable experience of Vienna and its unique wine and dining culture.

With each of the rooms dedicated to a top Austrian wine maker, you can enjoy their premium wines in the comfort of your own room or downstairs at the hotel’s excellent wine bar.

Complete with an exclusive Viennese breakfast—abundant with healthy, decadent delights and all the cultural highlights right at your doorstep—this is the ideal place to enjoy Vienna’s finest.

Le Meridien A Ring hotel for the 21st century

Historically speaking, all of Vienna’s grand hotels have been situated on the resplendent Ring that encircles the inner city.

This luxury hotel is no different. Designed by the London-based Real Studios, it embodies the perfect synthesis of art and technology. Its architectural concept borrows both its technology and performance-awareness from theatrical staging.

With a grand fireplace in the lobby and an appealing outdoor patio, the public areas are awash in neon lights and strikingly modern furnishings are both functional and attractive. The hotel’s 294 stylish rooms and suites in light earth shades provide a neutral, soothing vibe of well-being in the hustle of the city. Housed in a neoclassical edifice, this cutting-edge hotel caters to visiting personalities from the entertainment and fashion industries, who consider Le Meridien their local habitat.

A John Harris wellness zone is a panacea for jet-lag with its indoor pool, sauna, steam bath, jacuzzi, and fitness area. If that’s not enough, manager Gabriela Benz—who speaks five languages and knows the city like the back of her hand—will make you feel quite at home.

Hotel Rathaus Wine and Design Inebriating comforts featured

The concept for this hotel might be unusual, but it certainly is enticing—calling on all things wine related. At every turn guests are reminded of the motif, from wine cheese selections on the breakfast buffet to the wine cake accompanying your coffee to the wine inspired cosmetics included in the toiletry kits. To get even more specific, each of the 39 rooms is dedicated to a particular Austrian vintner, where even the mini-bars are filled with bottles that accord to the vintner and region.

The design is sleek, but without compromising comfort. This is, after all, a family-run boutique hotel. The Fleischacker family also owns the Michelin rated restaurant, Pfefferschiff, in Salzburg—so the breakfast buffet at this ‘pension garni’ is expectedly outstanding. For those who can swing it, the 80-square meter sun-filled penthouse suite complete with a private roof terrace is extraordinary.

Levante Parliament Historically modern featured

Braiding rationalism, minimalism and technology, the Levante Parliament hotel works as both a crashpad and makeshift gallery. Since opening its doors in 2006, they offer 70 rooms and suites constructed to showcase its modern architectural structure and fine, raw materials: natural stone, glass, chrome and stained wood twist and turn to lend the hotel an earthy, handsome aesthetic. Displayed prominently in the hotel’s front area are photographs by Curt Themmessl and delicate glass structures by artist Ioan Nemtoi, who also helped conceptualize Levante’s restaurant and bar areas with a glass bar countertop and fire frames.

But the modern appeal here wasn’t always the case—the hotel’s building dates back to 1908 at the height of the Vienna School and Bauhaus movement. Today, Levante’s fitness center, sauna, garden and courtyard should appease those tired jet-setters in need of classy tranquility in the big city.

Do & Co Hotel Sparkling sophistication

Seminal Viennese architect Hans Hollein—a Pritzker prize-winner and one of the true pioneers of post-modern architecture—has created the ultimate upgrade to a building he originally designed and has never ceased to be identified with ever since. A testament to the design not only having stood the test of time but also to the building having become an architectural landmark.

The interior design of Do & Co Hotel has successfully been taken into the future with a sophisticated blend of high and low tech. Each room is a truly extravagant living environment: they are based on solid, high quality natural materials such as teak and stone, yet offer the kind of extreme Modernism one has to come to expect from the likes of James Bond.

So, whether dining or living in the highly prized cantilevered structure, you may feel as if you’re in an elegantly revamped style icon—both reassuringly anchored in and happily mirroring Viennese tradition.

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