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With the 2nd District still in its “hipster-hood” infancy, the newly opened Pizza Mari marks a turning point in the area’s development. Boasting high ceilings, good light, ample space, and minimal decor, Pizza Mari fits the trendy style of most of the new young cafes spreading like wildfire in town, but its specialized menu (Neopolitan-styled pizza) brings in an added authenticity.

So to the food: this “pizza bar cafe” offers an-all pizza menu, with pies prepared in a wooden oven near the entrance. While most of the ingredients are imported from Naples—including the flour, mozzarella and canned tomatoes—they are occasionally married to special local additions like prosciutto from Burgenland to usher in the culinary novelty. For those feeling unadventurous, the marinara and margherita pizzas are always a safe, and delicious, bet. And with affordable prices (6-9 Euros), you’ll even have enough dough (ha!) to try another.

Pizza Mari
  • Leopoldsgasse 23a
  • 1020 Vienna
  • U2 at Taborstrasse

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