Grelle Forelle Earplugs at the ready featured

The Danube Canal was already a summer-time party hotspot but Grelle Forelle has taken it to an entire new level, single-handedly taking the upper-crust Viennese nightlife scene and vigorously shaking it until it’s back to being a scruffy, young party-mad lil’ upstart. Grelle Forelle abandons all pretence. No photos, no guestlists and definitely no private tables. Instead, a soundsystem of eardrum-perforating strength, maximum cred lineups and a committed crowd going long and hard. Who said Vienna was just about sophistication?

Auslage Dancing sideways

Stumble upon Auslage—“display” in English—and you’ll get a fast lesson in Architecture 101. With a layout executed with effortless modern minimalism, the night venue holds massive jagged booths, an impressive top-floor bar and built-in stairs running up along the side. All help construct a slightly funky, open space good for holding conversations.

Auslage is a slick option along the Gürtel, and a good break from those with a Chelsea habit. The crowd is fueled to dancing until the sun pops up, and the music covers a broad expanse of electronic music, from house and fidget to breaks, as well as the occasional hip hop DJ holding the mike.

Fluc Anarchists vs. Architecture featured

Fluc is an anarchist party experiment gone right—a rugged-looking night club in the formerly “dirty down Prater” that has grown into its role as a major club venue. Showcasing alternative nightlife culture from the start, Fluc has been built from the bottom up to the level it is today.

It couldn’t have been done, of course, without the support of Viennese city subsidies—their blood, sweat, tears and love of the underground. It was and still is on the cutting edge of programming, even way back when it was only a little bar out in the middle of then-“Nowhereville”, near Praterstern station.

Two spaces are on offer: the Fluc Cafe on the top floor showcases wacked-out live, experimental, electronic and indie acts (including the monthly indie-electronic party Kleines Fische), while bottom level Fluc Wanne can only be described as a sound bunker for electro and disco parties like Elektro-Nix Gang Bang, Pling Plong, and the breaks party “Addiction” designed to encourage patrons to go all-fours-to-the-floor during peak hours.

Come early to enjoy a free concert at the Fluc Cafe before sliding in between the two levels all night long.

Mon Ami With you

A former pet care salon, Mon Ami has catered to a different kind of wild animal since opening in 2007. The small lifestyle emporium is outfitted with a bar, music shop and fashion studio to provide a panacea for all primal needs—a place to cure thirst, hunger, art, music, social exchange, creativity, warmth…well, you get the picture.

Plush sofa chairs are easy to sink back into, especially when grabbing a drink or a bite to eat—crusty pita sandwiches and soups (gluten-free and based on the five elements) are advisable picks. Come for the ambiance, or come for the chill-out grooves on Wednesdays at the Friendly Circle evening, hosted by the DJ-collective Groovebox.

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