Tantra Asian exoticism

Hindu philosophy suggests that when our smell, sight, hearing, touch and taste are harmonized they take us to the most complete of feelings. Tantra the restaurant adheres to this ethos with due diligence. It’s a whole package: food, drinks, decor, ambience. At once rustic and sophisticated, relaxed and sexy, Tantra’s setting immediately draws diners towards an exciting, exotic Asian culinary experience that’s in store for them.

The main attraction is the Mongolian Grill, a buffet offering three types of freshly grilled meat (beef, fish or chicken), diverse vegetables and a smorgasboard of colorful condiments from which you are encouraged to invent the sauce of your dreams. The richly curried and coconut milk-drenched à la carte dishes are also delicious, as are the rather eccentric cocktails. Fancy an aphrodisiac mix? Or perhaps some shots in burning glasses?

And Tantra accompanies all this with the offer of a Hookah pipe and, a few nights a week, cabaret-style performances by fire-eaters and trapeze artists. Truly, a feast for all the senses.

Masseria Homemade, hand-crafted

This friendly, semi-secret kitchen only opens on demand. If you have a hankering for bread that’s still warm from the oven, just ring up Claudio Lorezo—an artist from Buenos Aires who exchanged the canvas for cuisine—and schedule a dinner date.

Lorezo’s palette includes a delicious array of empanadas, baked goods and divinely fresh pasta, which arrives accompanied by a glass or two of good wine: truly, Masseria’s spreads are enough to make a Greek god jealous.

Housed in a studio formerly used for engraving, Masseria also hosts a “Clube do Pão” (Bread Club) whose associates take three new breads a week home with them. Frozen versions of Lorezo’s treats are also available for takeaway.

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