Jamber Wine Pub California on tap

A cozy little bottle-rocket of a bar without the bottle, Jamber Wine Pub is the place that has cast aside its corkscrews and is serving Cali’s finest vintages straight from the cask. Occupying a laid-back loft-like space overlooking Folsom Street, Jamber is committed to home-grown vino—with only wine from the sunshine state’s vineyards flowing through its veins, lines and out of its taps. As you might expect, regular measures are shelved as well, with jar and tumbler like vessels (sizeable enough to put their svelte-stemmed cousins to shame) the preferred weapon of choice. Cautious sippers and bandiers of absurd adjectives beware, this a place for enjoying your wine by the tankard having left your pretentions at the door.

Coqueta A flirt with Spain featured

Marking Michael Chiarello’s first food-related foray into San Francisco, Coqueta is the product of its award-winning, TV show hosting, perma-smiling patron’s flirtation with Spanish cuisine. And by all accounts Chiarello’s got the sort of seduction skills that could bag you the finest flesh on the pier—culinarily speaking of course. Focusing on regional dishes from Madrid, Catalonia, the Basque Country and beyond, Coqueta’s menu is a fiesta of hot and cold tapas (including choice cuts of Iberico pork and whole Monterey calamari) and other Spanish classics—including a sharing Paella that’s so good you’ll definitely try (and probably fail) to eat it all yourself. And the cocktails ain’t half bad either, mixed using homegrown shrubs, tonics and enough sherry to drown the Armada.

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