Row NYC Making you feel brand new featured

Running a hotel in a city that never sleeps might sound like a bad idea. But firstly, it’s only a catchphrase people. And secondly, there’s a new breed of hotels that are harnassing rather than fighting the raw energy of the city – without sacrificing even one of your forty winks.

Since opening towards the start of 2014, Row NYC is a front-runner is this regard and as part of a…

Swan Oyster Depot Keep on shuckin'

Meet the Swan Oyster Depot: A dive-bar, a fishmongers and a seafood eatery, all fused into one with considerable aplomb. It’s an intimate affair, with only a few stools at the counter up for grabs, so get there early or be prepared to face a hefty queue. Foodwise, Poseidon himself would have trouble putting on a better spread. Creamy clam chowder, San Francisco-style sashimi plates (with tuna, scallops and salmon), cracked crab with a lip-smacking Loui sauce, and myriad types of oysters are served straight up by the bustling staff — no fuss, no frills, just insanely fresh.

Coqueta A flirt with Spain featured

Marking Michael Chiarello’s first food-related foray into San Francisco, Coqueta is the product of its award-winning, TV show hosting, perma-smiling patron’s flirtation with Spanish cuisine. And by all accounts Chiarello’s got the sort of seduction skills that could bag you the finest flesh on the pier—culinarily speaking of course. Focusing on regional dishes from Madrid, Catalonia, the Basque Country and beyond, Coqueta’s menu is a fiesta of hot and cold tapas (including choice cuts of Iberico pork and whole Monterey calamari) and other Spanish classics—including a sharing Paella that’s so good you’ll definitely try (and probably fail) to eat it all yourself. And the cocktails ain’t half bad either, mixed using homegrown shrubs, tonics and enough sherry to drown the Armada.

Bell Jar Gorgeous little things featured

The owner’s penchant for descriptors, such as ‘darling’ and ‘lovely,’ indicate the Bell Jar’s governing mission—to sell gorgeous little things for women with discerning, artistic, whimsical (and expensive) taste. With a shop name that pays homage to one of tortured poet Sylvia Plath’s feminist odes, the Bell Jar offers flouncy, whimsical, usually haute-couture apparel hand-crafted by local fashion renegades; old-fashioned, fancy home decor, such as a vintage ceramic horse statue and a taxidermy double-headed chick; and curiosities ranging from a shark-tooth, gold-chain necklace to fabric embroidery of a gutted venison. Come to be amazed and empty your wallet.

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