© Unlike Media, Ajiri Aki
© Unlike Media, Ajiri Aki
© Unlike Media, Ajiri Aki
© Unlike Media, Ajiri Aki
Le Réfectoire
Colorful dining

Le Réfectoire has long been lauded for its eclectic menu and unique design. The ownership swapped hands two years ago, but the vibrant interior featuring bizarre wallpaper and a giant light bulb sculptor, hanging down from the ceiling, have remained in tact. Be sure to find any excuse to visit the small toilet, where the glass-covered floor illuminate and an old AKAI three-head starts rolling when you shut the door.

The menu is more traditioal. Classic French choices are spiced up with a bit of oriental and Algerian flavor, such as the lamb tagine and the sweet and sour fish. And while most French restaurants are slow to the brunch concept, this restaurant does it right featuring an 11-item meal for 20 Euros on Sundays from 11:00-16:00. Le Réfectoire is also a great spot for an afternoon drink or café, inside or on the terrace, especially when accompanied by a snack of sweet potato chips and free wi-fi.


Le Réfectoire
  • 80 Boulevard Richard Lenoir
  • 75011 Paris
  • M9 at Saint Ambroise

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