© Will Davis
© Will Davis
Le Progrès
People watching deluxe

At most tabac/cafes in Paris you will find unexciting décor and middle-aged men betting and guzzling beer. Le Progrès is not much different, save for the fashionistas tapping away on laptops or gabbing over “business” meetings with cafes or beers.

Truth be told, you wont get much work done here. Le Progrès is one of the best spots in Paris for people-watching. It is perfectly positioned on the corner of a four-way intersection in the Marais, surrounded by popular art galleries, fashion stores and offices, and the crème-de-la-crème is the modeling agency next door. Good luck procuring the hot seat on the terrace.

Le Progrès
  • 1 rue de Bretagne
  • 75003 Paris
  • +33142720144
  • Mon-Sat, 8:15-23:00; Sun, closed
  • M8 at Saint-Sébastien Froissart; M3 at Temple

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