Xuits Dressed to kill

During their humble beginnings in 2007, XUITS was hidden away in an old villa in Frankfurt’s West End. With suits this sharp, though, it didn’t take long for the banking city’s big cats and slick dressers to catch wind of their hyper-stylish two and three pieces, so the team of tailors decided to keep a good thing going and opened a Cologne outlet in 2009. Fast-forward to 2013, and XUITS has moved to the big league to show Munich’s male population what all the fuss is about with their first store in the Bavarian capital.

The slim, lengthy and impeccably dressed fashion showroom—with hanging, polished-bronze dome lights, an array of dark wood display units and elegant two-tier tables—is as slick as the items that are for sale. Ties (bow and regular) and shirts in a plethora of hues line the meticulously ordered cabinets on the stores borders. The finishing touches—including cravats and cufflinks—are laid out on the table tops in the center.

XUITS’ consultants are also on hand to guide you through the process of choosing one from their selection of show-stopping styles. And you won’t have any problems with pinching around your midriff or low-hanging legs, here everything’s made-to-measure.

Haeppi Piecis Concept Store Cauldron of creativity featured

Munich has had a little trouble stepping out of the creative shadow of Berlin in the past. But now the times are changing: big retail chains—Apple, McDonalds and Primark amongst them—are expanding their sphere of influence in the Haupstadt whilst the Bavarian capital’s bohemians are showing that they’ve well and truly found their mojo. The summer/autumn popup Haeppi Piecis Concept Store is ample, edgy and experimental proof.

The product of a large-scale collaboration across Munich’s creative scene, the temporary store—open until November—acts as a crossroads for fashion and graphic designers, music labels, young publishers and artists.

For starters, the MDF-gone-mad, patchwork space stocks threads and accessories from labels such as Nectar & Pulse, Jakob Hentze and Miro Craemer on its inventive array of display units. Dig a little deeper, though, and you’ll find that this transient boutique has a hell of a lot more to offer than quality clothing. It also runs an extensive program of exhibitions, concerts, installations, workshops and lectures that looks to cover the length and breadth of Munich’s artistic horizons.

Charlie The beating heart of darkness featured

To get to the core of Charlie you need to dig a little deeper. On the face of things, this minimally decorated and multi-windowed spot, with a thick purple neon strip running round its exterior, is a quaint Vietnamese restaurant. If you just turned up and chowed down on some Feuertöpfe (Vietnamese fondu), succulent grilled meats or noodle soups alive with fresh herbs and then left, though, you’d be missing out on the party — downstairs lies one of Munich’s slickest after-hours haunts.

To make the subterranean sojourn you’ll need to make your way through a square black acrylic tunnel, dotted with LEDs. Having emerged on the other side you can grab some liquid supplies from the spot-lit, criss-cross woodblock bar before treating your ears to tuneage from outer limits techno talents. Solid music comes guaranteed.

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