Row NYC Making you feel brand new featured

Running a hotel in a city that never sleeps might sound like a bad idea. But firstly, it’s only a catchphrase people. And secondly, there’s a new breed of hotels that are harnassing rather than fighting the raw energy of the city – without sacrificing even one of your forty winks.

Since opening towards the start of 2014, Row NYC is a front-runner is this regard and as part of a…

Der Hollabusch Over the hills and far away

Loving thy neighbour is good. Pinching things from your neighbour, however, and cooking them up for the benefit of others (sort of like a culinary Robin Hood) is even better. Thus, we must celebrate Der Hollabusch — a wee bistro that is ghosting Austrian culinary treats over the Alps and into grateful Müncheners’ mouths.

It’s not Austrian grub or bust, though. Alongside the cakes, pastries and sweet stuff from across the border, there’s fresh-pressed juices, home-baked bread, egg breakfasts and heartier later-in-the-day dishes with a veggie/vegan lean: Pepper and rocket risotto for instance. The service is super cheery too, and it’d take a real miser to resist the upbeat mood that beams out from behind the counter and bounces around the white-and-blue tiled walls.

The best time to go? Well, they host the odd gig or two and stay open later on Friday and Saturday nights, but it’s the Sunday brunch that takes some beating. There’s fat pancakes with maple syrup, cereals and tiered metal trays holding more cured meats and cheeses than you could name, with a generous garnish of fruit to a) help you on your way to your five-a-day, or b) to assuage the guilt you’re feeling for eating that much heart attack fodder. It depends on your life outlook, really.

Sprout Harvest's bounty

The little sister of menswear concept store Harvest, Sprout’s M.O. is much the same as its slightly elder sibling: A razor-sharp collection of high-grade garments that are the absolute epitome of ‘on-trend’. With one obvious difference, mind. Here it’s all womenswear. In their fresh, light-hued store, blouses, dresses, shirts, shoes, knits, accessories and beauty products share the wall-embedded cabinets, hanging raw-wood rails and minimalist shelving. As for the specifics, brands stocked include APC, Grenson, In God We Trust, Patagonia, Nike, The Hillside and S.N.S Herning.

Haeppi Piecis Concept Store Cauldron of creativity featured

Munich has had a little trouble stepping out of the creative shadow of Berlin in the past. But now the times are changing: big retail chains—Apple, McDonalds and Primark amongst them—are expanding their sphere of influence in the Haupstadt whilst the Bavarian capital’s bohemians are showing that they’ve well and truly found their mojo. The summer/autumn popup Haeppi Piecis Concept Store is ample, edgy and experimental proof.

The product of a large-scale collaboration across Munich’s creative scene, the temporary store—open until November—acts as a crossroads for fashion and graphic designers, music labels, young publishers and artists.

For starters, the MDF-gone-mad, patchwork space stocks threads and accessories from labels such as Nectar & Pulse, Jakob Hentze and Miro Craemer on its inventive array of display units. Dig a little deeper, though, and you’ll find that this transient boutique has a hell of a lot more to offer than quality clothing. It also runs an extensive program of exhibitions, concerts, installations, workshops and lectures that looks to cover the length and breadth of Munich’s artistic horizons.

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