Jester King Frothy farmhouse brews featured
Kong Monkey business

Like a phoenix from the ashes, Kong club emerged from the closing down of the much loved Cafe King. Luckily, the mourners didn’t have to wait for long and Kong in a new location is the twin of its predecessor—not identical, but still very, very alike. Still playing the crème de la crème of house music and techno, Club Autonomica calls it home and the esteemed likes of Jimmy Edgar have played there. The long, wood-panelled bar harks back to earlier times and the old, lattice ceiling casts down broken beams of colorful light onto the dancefloor. Enough reminiscing though. Change had to happen somewhere, it is an entirely different building after all, and the winding corners of Cafe King have now been replaced by one large square room with minimal seating around the edge. The DJ booth is plonk in the middle of the dancefloor so you can quite literally, surround the music, and the walls and windows are smothered in darkness. It’s more like Cafe King’s evil twin, but aren’t the evil ones always more fun?

Die Registratur The legend returns featured

A loss was felt in the city when Die Registratur closed its doors in 2009. A large void was left in the club scene, never filled, until now that is. And who’s filling Die Registratur’s shoes? Die Registratur. Opening up in a new location, but from the same people, it promises to be all that it once was and more. Good going considering the new venue’s smaller proportions. There’s also been a distinct shift in the ethos of the bar, the owner’s do-goodery seeping into the furniture—no leather, and the drinks—no cream or milk, and with a new motto to boot: “Be Aware”. (Something that you might not always want to be in a club).

Like before, there will be art exhibitions and readings but it’s really all about the music. Doing away with gimmicks and distractions, there are no flashing disco lights, just a great sound system and exciting bookings that roam beyond the confines of four-to-the-floor electronica. Wanting to cater to an older audience, or rather their original audience, acts are on earlier than usual and the headliners are given free reign to play what they want and for however long. Though don’t worry, if you think time has escaped you in here, you’ll gain it back on stepping outside—all the clocks in the bar are set hours ahead. Being “unaware” can be a good thing too, it seems.

Lost Weekend Cake and Kerouac

The thought of a lost weekend may leave you holding back the tears in fear of a missed reprieve from the drudge of work or study. Fear not, however. Lost Weekend is actually a spiffing new bookshop-café in the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität. An arty haven for the caffeine-driven bookworms of the city who want to make the most of those hungover days that would otherwise be spent catatonic in bed. Browse through their collection of books—including philosophy, fiction and graphic novels—before curling up in the reading corner with a cake and speciality coffee for an über chill-out session, or take a desk and brainstorm like you’ve never brainstormed before, fuelled by copious amounts of sarnies and soy chai lattes.

Every morsel of food and drop of drink is 100% vegan and 100% organic, and there’s free wi-fi (of course) so you can be at total peace while nose-deep in a classic novel, or attending one of their readings, knowing that there’s both food and Facebook within arm’s reach for that procrastinating brain of yours.

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