nudo, Soul pasta

Nudo, encourages you to ‘come hungry, go happy’ and that seems as good an ethos as any for a restaurant. Their idea is to work fast with slow food and to create a yin-yang place of calm in which to pause and enjoy it all—hence the comma in their name, apparently. Mantras aside, this pasta bar serves wholesome italian fare, changing their Lunch Angebot daily but otherwise keeping their menu exclusive to a few signature dishes—never a bad sign in a restaurant. It’s all organic and vegans can rejoice as they offer creative, thought out options alongside their classic dishes. For meat eaters, the lasagne should be your go-to, filling you with a warm, fuzzy glow as you dig down through the layers. This place is small but old wooden beams and low hanging lights create an atmosphere so cosy that you might not actually be too happy about going at the end.

Belicious Fat day

Bringing a slice of the ol’ USA to Bavaria, Belicious have a menu that could incite a coronary just from reading it. Burgers are the main stars but NY buffalo chicken wings and truffle-parmesan fries make strong supporting roles. The Oscar, however, goes to the burgers because of their choices of beef—bison, local bavarian and Wagyu. Wagyu being that superior beef from certain breeds of cattle that have a genetic predisposition to marbling, making them taste goddamn good. They have such options as the delightfully named “Fat Sack” or the more obvious “American Classic” but what you really want to do, is pimp it and build your own. The staff are renowned for their super friendly service and if those burgers have put you into some sort of a food coma, there is always their pitch-black coffee to perk you up. Do not even go here or even think about here if you are on a diet—those fried Oreos aren’t going to eat themselves. This place is wasted on you.

Der Hollabusch Over the hills and far away

Loving thy neighbour is good. Pinching things from your neighbour, however, and cooking them up for the benefit of others (sort of like a culinary Robin Hood) is even better. Thus, we must celebrate Der Hollabusch — a wee bistro that is ghosting Austrian culinary treats over the Alps and into grateful Müncheners’ mouths.

It’s not Austrian grub or bust, though. Alongside the cakes, pastries and sweet stuff from across the border, there’s fresh-pressed juices, home-baked bread, egg breakfasts and heartier later-in-the-day dishes with a veggie/vegan lean: Pepper and rocket risotto for instance. The service is super cheery too, and it’d take a real miser to resist the upbeat mood that beams out from behind the counter and bounces around the white-and-blue tiled walls.

The best time to go? Well, they host the odd gig or two and stay open later on Friday and Saturday nights, but it’s the Sunday brunch that takes some beating. There’s fat pancakes with maple syrup, cereals and tiered metal trays holding more cured meats and cheeses than you could name, with a generous garnish of fruit to a) help you on your way to your five-a-day, or b) to assuage the guilt you’re feeling for eating that much heart attack fodder. It depends on your life outlook, really.

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