Favorit Bar Word is out

Favorit Bar is one of Munich’s worst kept secrets. Disguised by a shop front facade, it looks completely unremarkable from the street. Once you get inside however, it’s even more unremarkable. Seemingly in a permanent state of renovation, the walls are completely bare save for a generous amount of holes. There are no real chairs or tables (rather perches that are coated in PVC) and the bar offers bottled beer and not much else. The whole place is cast in a dim, red light, probably to make it seem warmer but also to mask all the stains—bottled beer is actually the wisest choice, this place gets crowded. The music is usually electronic, though the DJs change daily and all seem to have found that nice balance between atmospheric and lively, as opposed to whisper quiet or ear bashing. Minimalist seems too big a word to describe a style that is actually a complete lack thereof but the bar manages to pass it off with aplomb. Either way, it obviously does nothing to deter customers, who just keep coming back for more. Not just favorite by name!

Aroma Kaffee Bar It’s all in the detail

An antidote to Munich’s shinier cafes, Aroma’s decór consists of a whole lot of wood and some fine little details. Both grocery store and cafe, it is split between two sides with the small narrow side being the original Aroma. It grew up so fast!

The store not only sells food and drink but lines its shelves with all manner of trinkets, displaying items like waterproof notebooks and pop-up photo-booth kits. At the food counter you’ll find tempting offerings of sandwiches, quiches, pastas and baked goods. Everything comes served with a sprinkling of petals over it, earning the aroma part of the title, which they seal with the aromatic delights they sell, including cheeses, hams, olive oils and herbs. This place is seemingly always packed so seating can be tricky. And this especially goes for people afflicted with being any taller than average, as the teeny seats and tables wouldn’t look out of place in a play-house.

Die Registratur The legend returns

A loss was felt in the city when Die Registratur closed its doors in 2009. A large void was left in the club scene, never filled, until now that is. And who’s filling Die Registratur’s shoes? Die Registratur. Opening up in a new location, but from the same people, it promises to be all that it once was and more. Good going considering the new venue’s smaller proportions. There’s also been a distinct shift in the ethos of the bar, the owner’s do-goodery seeping into the furniture—no leather, and the drinks—no cream or milk, and with a new motto to boot: “Be Aware”. (Something that you might not always want to be in a club).

Like before, there will be art exhibitions and readings but it’s really all about the music. Doing away with gimmicks and distractions, there are no flashing disco lights, just a great sound system and exciting bookings that roam beyond the confines of four-to-the-floor electronica. Wanting to cater to an older audience, or rather their original audience, acts are on earlier than usual and the headliners are given free reign to play what they want and for however long. Though don’t worry, if you think time has escaped you in here, you’ll gain it back on stepping outside—all the clocks in the bar are set hours ahead. Being “unaware” can be a good thing too, it seems.

Lost Weekend Cake and Kerouac

The thought of a lost weekend may leave you holding back the tears in fear of a missed reprieve from the drudge of work or study. Fear not, however. Lost Weekend is actually a spiffing new bookshop-café in the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität. An arty haven for the caffeine-driven bookworms of the city who want to make the most of those hungover days that would otherwise be spent catatonic in bed. Browse through their collection of books—including philosophy, fiction and graphic novels—before curling up in the reading corner with a cake and speciality coffee for an über chill-out session, or take a desk and brainstorm like you’ve never brainstormed before, fuelled by copious amounts of sarnies and soy chai lattes.

Every morsel of food and drop of drink is 100% vegan and 100% organic, and there’s free wi-fi (of course) so you can be at total peace while nose-deep in a classic novel, or attending one of their readings, knowing that there’s both food and Facebook within arm’s reach for that procrastinating brain of yours.

o’pflanzt is! Busy bee central featured

Amid the daily flurry of München Menschen, spending time at one with Mother Nature might sound crazy—something reserved for country folk whose feet don’t pound the streets of the Bavarian capital perhaps. Since 2011 however, Munich has had its own inner-city urban garden: O’pflanzt is! dedicates itself to tearing your fingers away from that Macbook and turning them decidedly green.

This isn’t just a community garden though—it’s “a way of life” as they say, with an extensive political manifesto focusing on local community as well as being an all organic, no-fertilizer green space and home to thousands of endangered city bees. Located just 100 meters from Leonrodplatz, everyone’s welcome to come smell the flowers and have a coffee, even if you don’t want to get your hands dirty. But if you do: O’pflanzt is! runs events and workshops for people to brush up on their gardening skills, meet some like-minded city dwellers, and realize the power of the plant. It’s time to garden like it’s 1989!

Zugspitze The hills are alive

It’s near impossible to meet anyone that doesn’t know how to ski in Munich. Muncheners come out the womb with skis already on. And why wouldn’t you when you have Germany’s highest mountain and ski resort within striking distance? The Zugspitze at its highest peak measures in at 2,962m above sea level, providing astounding 360° panoramas and the opportunity to look out across not one, not two, but four countries.

Skiers, boarders and even tobogganers, from the most experienced to the ones eating snow, one and all have plenty of powder to glide across. In fact, there’s 20km of pistes to tackle as well as two toboggan runs. Its high altitude means it enjoys up to six months of the year covered in a thick blanket of natural snow, creating optimum conditions for winter sports lovers and just a damn pretty view for the non-lovers. If strapping yourself to a long piece of fibreglass and hurtling down a hill really doesn’t tempt you, there’s always the museum, igloo village, church, restaurants and sunbathing lounge… Or the view. Did we mention the view?

The Souve Store Suave merch

Every label has to start somewhere. If it just so happens that starting out means your bag being worn by Victoria Secret model Doutzen Kroes then you’re doing better than most. Founded in 2011, the Munich label Souve was immediately picked up by fashionistas about town. With a dedication to quality and style, Souve made a name for itself and in 2013 they launched their own flagship store. Their range consists of large travel bags and backpacks, all the way down to wallets and teeny tiny wash bags, each made from leather or canvas—sturdy materials. Then you get to choose whether you’re a black, brown, blue or green bag-type person. Crafting a great bag takes its time (which is presumably why they can’t pack out the whole store with them) so they’ve also put in some other boutique goods including sunglasses, liqueurs, design books and other fillers from a curated set of brands. The bags are really what this place is about though, the long-lasting durability of both material and style equating to the purchasing of a puppy—it’s not just for Christmas.

Crux Club Hip hop ya don’t stop

Though right on the Marienplatz, you’ll feel a million miles away from its squeaky-clean streets as you dougie your way into this 1970s South Bronx throwback. Ladies, gents, homies and hunnies, allow us to introduce the Crux Club…

With a sound system that’ll blow the snapback right off your head, these guys know how to throw a party. Hosting literally hundreds of DJs every year, Crux Club adheres most defiantly to the hip-hop, funk, dancehall, soul and electronica schools of club music. From Wednesday through the weekend, you can descend into this subterranean batcave to find a jumping-jack dance floor that is always just the right side of moist. (Which is very, by the way).

As far as the lineups go, we’re not talking about any old hobbyist from Augsburg on the 1’s and 2’s. Crux has seen the likes of Jazzy Jeff, M.O.P., Theophilus London, Zombie Disco Squad and Yolanda Be Cool walk through its doors. These are some serious names, so bandana-wrap your buzzcut and start throwing them shapes.

Mixed Munich Arts Heating things up

Housed in a former heating plant, the like of which you don’t often find with Munich club venues, MMA is a melting pot of culture, gastronomy and music. Bringing a piece of Berlin to Bavaria, it’s a post-industrial behemoth—part club, part restaurant, and during the week it holds exhibitions, poetry slams, performances, the list goes on. It consists of a 10,000 cubic meter boiler room plus a club space and project room, not to mention an abundance of industrial nooks and crannies. Just walking around is an adventure in itself. Nicknamed the ‘cathedral of energy’, it has only been open since April 2014 and has already hosted the likes of Brandt Brauer Frick and Steve Bug. MMA only has the lease until 2015, so whether they’re here to stay or not remains to be seen, but while they are, all their power is going into letting the cross-cultural good times roll.

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