Bald Neu How soon is now? featured

This one’s a great little neighbourhood hangout for those who like their coffee third-wave, and like to enjoy it somewhere hip. Right across the road from Charlie, Bald Neu has a palpable sense of edginess — thanks mostly to the battered furniture, peeling paint and those lights hanging down on cables that all trendy places seem to have now. Adding to the vibe is the low-lying, bric-a-brac seating, which gives you a bottom-up kind of perspective on proceedings.

Still, we digress. The coffee is great, especially the cappuccinos: These guys have an exceptional knack for creamy, bubbly froth (if such a thing exists). All of them come in mugs with those tiny handles too, so there’s the added bonus of automatically looking sophisticated when you take a sip. Süß accompaniments come in various forms of cake, such as a Schokokuchen that rates with the best of ‘em, not forgetting the poppy-seed cherry pie either.

If you’re carrying around a serious hunger, Bald Neu also serves up a regularly rotating menu of hot meals that on any given day might include a hearty chili con carne, traditional south German Spätzle with leek and mushroom, or a sweet potato and carrot cream soup. They serve toasted sandwiches (a rarity in Germany), and they even come with the crusts cut off — like your mum used to do. It’s a bit of a double-edged sword though, as it leaves them looking a little small. Still, you can always eat another immediately afterwards to compensate. They’re definitely good enough to warrant it.

Haeppi Piecis Concept Store Cauldron of creativity featured

Munich has had a little trouble stepping out of the creative shadow of Berlin in the past. But now the times are changing: big retail chains—Apple, McDonalds and Primark amongst them—are expanding their sphere of influence in the Haupstadt whilst the Bavarian capital’s bohemians are showing that they’ve well and truly found their mojo. The summer/autumn popup Haeppi Piecis Concept Store is ample, edgy and experimental proof.

The product of a large-scale collaboration across Munich’s creative scene, the temporary store—open until November—acts as a crossroads for fashion and graphic designers, music labels, young publishers and artists.

For starters, the MDF-gone-mad, patchwork space stocks threads and accessories from labels such as Nectar & Pulse, Jakob Hentze and Miro Craemer on its inventive array of display units. Dig a little deeper, though, and you’ll find that this transient boutique has a hell of a lot more to offer than quality clothing. It also runs an extensive program of exhibitions, concerts, installations, workshops and lectures that looks to cover the length and breadth of Munich’s artistic horizons.

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