Galerie Jo van de Loo The art market

If you’re looking to set up an art gallery, you can’t find a much more prominent spot then right opposite the Museum Brandhorst and around the corner from the Pinakothek der Moderne. You’ll be busy just soaking up the overflow of art junkies scouring that area. A photographer by trade, Jo van de Loo opened the gallery in 2011 with a curatorial focus on contemporary photography—a logical choice. Van de Loo believes in solid authorship of work, whether it be documentary or conceptual and this is reflected in his representation of artists like Paul Kranzler or Regine Petersen whose works have strong narratives behind them. The artists are encouraged to interpret their work along with other mediums, including video, sculpture and installation, so exhibitions here are more than a one-trick pony. Deliberately targeted at curators and collectors, if you’re thinking of a foray into the art collecting world, this could be a good place to start… Or to dream of starting.

Grillin' me softly Catch me if you can

Bringing something different to the snack culture of Munich, Grillin’ Me Softly is a gourmet food truck that could be mistaken for coming fresh off the boat from America. Changing location every day and keeping their followers up to date via Facebook and their website, they offer international cuisine with weekly specials like Vietnamese tacos or Hawaiian banana bread, all cooked fresh on-site. It doesn’t take a genius to realise these boys were inspired by NYC with dishes such as Central Park Salad, Upper East Sandwich or King of Queens as their main staples. The King of Queens is seared steak strips, fresh jalapenos and caramelized onion on a grilled baguette, with an option of two heat levels for the BBQ sauce: ‘fire’ or ‘on fire’. Where the food truck goes, people will follow.

Schorsch Iron-fisted gaming and drinking

As with any Munich bar worth its weight in gold, this one is always packed. Its small dimensions make this much easier than other bars, but nonetheless, this does nothing to deter people from ravaging through the liquor here. Not much from the outside, with a patterned sign bearing no name and no window to peer into, passers-by could easily miss the masses that are raging inside. In the bar, bedazzled stag antlers grace the walls—it wouldn’t be Bavaria without antlers on the wall would it?—helping to create the log cabin aesthetic desired by its owner, the Olympic freestyle skier, Bene Mayr.

The unexpected, quirky touch at Schorsch is the working Playstation that’s built into one of the walls. There’s always a concentration of people in this corner, or at least a gathering that is more concentrated, bashing away frantically trying to become the Iron Fist at Tekken 3 or some such. Essentially a cosy bar with limited space around it, Schorsch is an unpretentious affair with an air of slight pandemonium, and just plain fun. Unless you suffer from claustrophobia.

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