The LASH Rum, sodomy & the lash featured

Clubbing in Los Angeles used to be so hard, unless you were willing to afford some table service, pay $500 for a bottle of vodka and glance around to make sure the right industry people were taking note of you. Well, thanks to the Irish, L.A. now boasts an honest and straightforward space dedicated to bringing together the city’s plural underground music and party scenes. Founded by musician Ross O’Carroll in the old heart of Downtown L.A., The LASH is decked out with interior elements not unfamiliar to New York or Berlin, such as raw concrete walls, subway tile and clever neon Cyrillic light sculptures. Yet the point of it all is simply to provide a space that allows L.A.’s most eccentric and devoted artists and DJs to let loose their particular brand of trap, disco, modulated pop, hi-NRG and all waves in between.

Peddler's Creamery Churn baby churn featured

Bikes are taking over. They’ve already allied themselves with third wave coffee and now they’re cosying up to ice-cream as well. The evidence? Peddler’s Creamery: The downtown, frozen scoop joint that bicycle churns all of its homemade batches.

Chances are, in fact, there’ll be someone churning away when you visit, sitting astride the two-wheeled contraption that’s hooked up to a multi-colored booth in the corner — inside of which all the pedal-powered magic happens. And they’re happy for customers to have a go too.

Once you’ve burned some calories you can set about replacing them. Flavors range from traditional (chocolate, strawberry and minty chip) to experimental (strawberry-basil, fig-ginger and kumquat), and fall into three categories: Dairy, non-dairy and sorbet. Can’t make it in to grab a scoop? Then be sure to keep your eyes peeled while on the move, because Peddler’s often bring their product to the streets too—on two wheels of course.

& Pens Press Coffee table weights

It’s difficult to dispute that print media is on the way out. With the mass publishing world’s eyes firmly set on the seemingly endless frontier of the world wide web, instant internet-based gratification is the order of the age, and the practice of printing ink onto paper seems destined to fade into obsolescence. There are still, however, sanctuaries for those hankering for the feel of glossed paper between their fingers and quality in the editorial their brains are digesting. & Pens Press is one of them.

The store’s white-brick and glass facade gives way to a bright, minimalist and mostly made-out-of-wood interior — a slick-looking safehouse for the fruits of independent publishing. ‘Zines, journals and art books, all arranged with feng shui flare, populate the DIY-style shelving and display units. If ever there was a place to find a crisp, quirky and thought-provoking conversation piece for your coffee table, this is it. There’s an intimate gallery space out back too, because, like independent print media, up-and-coming artists need a little love too.

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