Peddler's Creamery Churn baby churn featured

Bikes are taking over. They’ve already allied themselves with third wave coffee and now they’re cosying up to ice-cream as well. The evidence? Peddler’s Creamery: The downtown, frozen scoop joint that bicycle churns all of its homemade batches.

Chances are, in fact, there’ll be someone churning away when you visit, sitting astride the two-wheeled contraption that’s hooked up to a multi-colored booth in the corner — inside of which all the pedal-powered magic happens. And they’re happy for customers to have a go too.

Once you’ve burned some calories you can set about replacing them. Flavors range from traditional (chocolate, strawberry and minty chip) to experimental (strawberry-basil, fig-ginger and kumquat), and fall into three categories: Dairy, non-dairy and sorbet. Can’t make it in to grab a scoop? Then be sure to keep your eyes peeled while on the move, because Peddler’s often bring their product to the streets too—on two wheels of course.

Fishing With Dynamite East Coast eats and West Coast wile

Manhattan Beach kingpin and MB Post head honcho David LeFevre’s second restaurant, Fishing With Dynamite, has been doing exactly what it says on the tin; blowing away its competition and netting all the customers that float on past its doors—think Wile E. Coyote with a better hit rate. With seating for around 35 seafood-faring patrons and white-planked walls, it’s a tight-knit beach shack kind of vibe with the manned raw bar drawing all eyes to its fresh selection of oysters, clams, urchins, lobster and crab—all from-the-sea fresh and ready for your plate. Elsewhere in this mariners wet dream of an eatery you’ll find modern mashups such as grilled octopus with a date-tomato ragu and a chowder (pronounced chow-dah if you wanna be East Coast authentic) chock full of clams, bacon and sauteed seawolf.

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