Primrose Hill
A breath of fresh air

Although Primrose Hill rises to only 256 feet of elevation, it’s enough to view London’s central region in almost all its entirety. The park is actually just across the road from Regents Park and London Zoo, as well as conveniently located within walking distance of the bustling Camden Markets, yet somehow manages to slip under the radar of most tourists and locals to-do lists. We don’t have any problem with this, as the grassy hills are often unpopulated and lend well to a quiet nap, picnic, or place to plop down with a good book.

A great amount of trivia surrounds the modest Primrose Hill park. Notable aspects include it being the final Martian encampment in H.G.Wells’ apocalyptic War of the Worlds, whilst past and present visitors have included the likes of Friedrich Engels and Kate Moss. Perhaps the best thing about Primrose Hill, though, is that it’s accessible to anyone looking for a good place to escape the city and peer down on the activity from a considerably removed and spacious locale. We’re so indebted to such places that take us away from the city while still remaining in it.

Primrose Hill
  • Primrose Hill
  • NW8 London

Places around Primrose Hill

Manna Cuisine Sent from the heavens (at least in the biblical sense) 1956m
Koko There's no business like monkey business 1223597612000m
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