VM Bjerget
Stacked like Lego

VM Bjerget is a housing complex in Ørestad, the latest district in Copenhagen to catch the redevelopment bug. A short distance from famed architect Daniel Libeskind’s planned Ørestad city, VM Bjerget is a stepped, pyramidal structure where each of the ten floors sits back from the one beneath it, hiding within its base a car park. The apartments, looking like teeth from a giant three dimensional jigsaw, are stacked back upon themselves, allowing each their own yard which overlook the rest and bring with it a sense of community and neighborliness.

Clad in a natural wood paneling, it’s an impressive architectural feat that successfully manages to produce spacious, modern and affordable housing whilst appreciating the need to economize on space. Typically Scandinavian, architecture enthusiasts won’t mind the quick trip on the metro to catch a glimpse of this deceptively simple solution to the difficulties of stylish and economic urban planning.

VM Bjerget
  • Ørestad Boulevard 55
  • 2300 Copenhagen
  • M1 at Bella Center

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