nhow Berlin Soft beds, hard beats featured

Billed as Europe’s first “music hotel”, nhow Berlin, a brick behemoth on the north bank of the river Spree in Friedrichshain, was built to beguile those exploring Berlin’s music scene. The hotel is equipped with a conference center, music lounge, “guitar room service” and recording spaces run by the co-directors of the city’s legendary Hansa studio, where David Bowie wailed out “Heroes” in the shadow of the Berlin Wall.

Meeting somewhere halfway between 2001: A Space Odyssey and a mid-90s Kylie Minogue music video, the hotel’s Pop Art-inspired interior aesthetic from New York-based designer Karim Rashid certainly goes for the gusto, sporting an eye-popping array of neon colors, curved forms and the occasional gold leather couch. Rooms come in a choice of baby blue, hot pink or a muted gray—pick a room with a river view (60 percent of the 304 rooms have one) in case your eyes need a more placid focal point.

Crowning the building is a three-story, aluminum skinned upper tower for the studios and suites, fronted with double-skinned glass on the Spree side and cantilevered 21 meters out from the building over the riverbank. At ground level, Chef Patrick Rexhausen, a native Berliner, serves up modern interpretations of German-French cuisine at Fabrics restaurant, which also offers fine views of the Spree, albeit from a lower altitude.

The Weinmeister The golden cage

After opening its doors in June 2010, The Weinmeister, has already become wholly synonymous with Berlin itself: thrilling, seductively chic and luxuriously exuberant.

The shimmering facade of the building earned the hotel its pseudonym ‘The Golden Cage’ and similarly, the interior doesn’t fail to impress. Reading as a simultaneous nod to the punk aesthetics of American fashion designer Rick Owens and to the continuity and suppleness of form exemplified in the works of Joseph Beuys, the interior meshes perfectly with the stylish vibe of the hotel. Muted colors and designer touches lace every corner of their 88 rooms, where you will find Apple iMacs present in place of television sets and complimentary Asprey London cosmetic boxes and hand-tailored pyjamas awaiting you on arrival.

The Weinmeister caters perfectly for the stylish traveler. Whether visiting for business or pleasure, guests are indulged with around the clock comfort executed by consistently attentive staff. With its spa, excellent restaurant and bar that boasts an invite-only rooftop area with views of Berlin’s iconic TV tower, it’s a surprise anyone would leave at all.

Michelberger Hotel Trendsetting sleeps featured

The precocious hipster of Berlin’s hotel scene has all the pizazz of a trendsetter, without the bravado. There’s no icy ‘hipper than thou’ dismissals at this place—quite the opposite.

The welcoming ethos is fostered courtesy of the group of friends who created this hotel while the decor bespeaks unpretentious individualism. The floor-to-ceiling windows, exposed concrete walls and artworks are a refreshing change from the usual blanket of beige, while the downstairs spa will soak away any travel woes. Each of the 119 rooms comes with ensuite, TV, WiFi and prices that has globetrotting backpackers aplenty ditching grimey hostel options for this innovative little gem.

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