Viktor Leske Kreuzberg
Buzz cut

“Even if the Queen of England came in for a cut, she wouldn’t be treated differently,” emphatically states Viktor Leske, the main man behind this salon, where aptly guided razors have buzzed an equal path through genders, orientations and age groups. There’s reason that Viktor has remained so enthusiastic about his egalitarian approach: when it comes to shaping and sculpting any palette, relying on the intuition of the artist is best. And, in his case, hair is the medium he has chosen to engage.

Since establishing his first studio, he’s been lauded for introducing to Berlin a distinctly unique kind of hair cutting treatment. Beyond the city’s overpriced salons and hopelessly inept discount cutters, the idea of a street-style studio has never really graced the streets until he set up shop on Lausitzer Platz.

A small crew of five diligently crop, cut and buzz their way to tight-knit elegance. Yet here, there’s no pre-planned notions of hair cutting prowess. Rather, each is free to let their intuitive eye assert the path of the razor, ensuring a cut full of form and resilience. Indeed, it’s all quite simple: here, you don’t ask for the cut that you think best, you get the cut that is best.

Viktor Leske Kreuzberg
  • Lausitzer Platz 1
  • 10997 Berlin
  • U1 at Görlitzer Bahnhof‎

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