© Till Krech
© Till Krech
© Steffen Zahn
Natural warfare

Since the industrial revolution nature’s been taking a bit of a hammering in the name of technological progress. Well, it’s a case of ‘not any more’ for the Südgelände. This piece of woodland went all William Wallace on a former steam engine marshalling yard after it was closed at the end of the WWII—recapturing it in the name of natural ‘Freeeeedooom!’ And the results are pretty damn cool.

Recognised as a ‘Global Project’ of the EXPO 2000, the now national park is made up of 18 hectares of ‘jungle’—more specifically, local species of flora and fauna— in which long forgotten railways and their ruined relics are assimilated to create a unique industrio-natural hybrid landscape. And because nature just wants to be friends, it’s even welcomed some human produced works of art into the mix and part of the park is open for tagging and graffiti as well. Way to go nature—how much we still have to learn from thee.

  • Am Prellerweg
  • 12157 Berlin
  • S25 S2 at Priesterweg

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