Cowshed Spa Soho sanctuary

Nowhere is the jet-setting class’ lap of luxury more apparent in Berlin than the sumptuous, and innovatively appointed Cowshed Spa. Nestled snugly in the basement floor of Soho House, the facilities include a large, exquisitely tiled Hamam; five private chambers to receive a wellness massage with one of Cowshed’s highly skilled physiotherapists; a come-hither sauna and steam room for lavish relaxation; as well as comfortable leather recliners into which you can sink for a manicure or pedicure. Plus, the spa boasts its very own line of products crafted from the highest quality organic, wild-crafted ingredients sourced from locations around the world.

Cowshed—much like Soho House—embodies a certain manner and lifestyle. Unlike typical spas, nothing about this place is saccharine or corny in the least. This little den of pleasure is imminently hip, with a warm, beckoning ambiance—the sort of place where you meet up with your friends and and kick back.

Schwarzlicht Minigolf Subterranean psychedelia

Imagine if Tiger Woods—tripping balls on psilocybin—got abducted into Tron, escaped with the help of Kevin Flynn and was then let loose in the blackened basement of a café with a truck-load of U.V paint and 3D glasses. The result would probably look a little something like Schwarzlicht Minigolf…

Hidden beneath the Isa Mitz café in Görlitzer Park and realised with the help of local blacklight collective Sinneswandeln, Schwarzlicht consists of 18 illuminated holes spread across five rooms and decorated with mind-bending visuals inspired by cyperpunk, sci-fi cover art and psychedelic deep-sea depths. The place fills up quickly in the evenings so it’s worth sticking your head in for a cheeky reccy before you play—no one wants to get stuck behind the space-cadet giggling at the glow in the dark volcano.

Markt am Winterfeldtplatz Grade A groceries

Stretching past the shadow of the St. Matthias Kirche, this beloved Schöneberg mainstay is a magnet for food-fanatics and locals alike, as well as enamouring all chancers who happen upon the twice-weekly hustle and bustle. With a nigh on endless bounty of cheeses, jams, honeys, meats and an abundance of other colorful produce, the joy here is to be had in wondering—indulging in a little (though more likely a lot of) try before you buy.

Aside from a little high-grade grocery shopping, Markt am Winterfeldtplatz is a great spot to grab some lunchtime eats, with Thai soup stalls vying with Pelmeni, fresh smoked fish and gourmet sausage stands for the chance to make their mark on your taste buds. Proceed with caution though—there’s little to stop you going overboard at this Berlin smorgasbord.

(l') atelier Soundwave salon

Like the chicken and the egg scenario, it’s hard to tell which came first for (l’) Atelier owner Julie: electro music or hairdressing. These two seemingly disparate creative jaunts form an unexpectedly harmonious marriage at this salon.

Here, DJs spin soft contemporary beats while clients gaze at wall murals courtesy of artist collective p*nitas as their tresses turn to shades of auburn, ash-blond or fire-engine red. Whilst the salon does host the odd DJ bash, it’s the team’s snipping skills that are actually the real stars of this place, creating highly personalized looks that will have you guarding your locks from water for at least a week.

Ramones Museum Hey! Ho! Let's go!

After allegedly attending 101 Ramones concerts and narrowly avoiding death after nearly drowning in the memorabilia that his home had begun to overflow with, die-hard fan Florian Hayler decided that it was probably time to take his fandom of the legendary punk band to the next level and open up this beacon of blitzkrieg bop.

Hayler himself is also quick to remind visitors of Berlin’s influence on bassist and songwriter Dee Dee Ramone, who spent a large part of his childhood in the city and penned the songs “Born to Die in Berlin” and “It’s a Long Way Back to Germany”. Lecture aside, there’s no denying that the amassed collection is impressive—the place is chock full of posters, shirts, photos (including some from Johnny and Joey’s childhood), early fliers and even an exhibit giving a detailed history of the Ramones emblem. Now there’s something worth learning in school.

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