© Laura Gianetti
© Laura Gianetti
© Laura Gianetti
© Laura Gianetti
© Laura Gianetti
A curator's battleground

A vortex of young, postmodern art practice, the Grimmuseum brings to the surface everything the gnashing teeth of big, art institutions intellectually crush.

These days, “curator” is as ambiguous and fraught as the title “anthropologist”. Just as anthropology has become a discipline constantly questioning its own definition, “curating” has become less a profession than a platform for debate. With so many artists incorporating and mixing resources from other places, isn’t the artist somehow a curator, or vice-versa?

Grimmuseum attends to these questions by offering programs that consistently smear over boundaries and make insightful cracks at the sneaky capitalist carnival of today’s art world. Events and exhibitions can include reality-show-esque Curator Battles, shows curated by art critics in concert with their imaginary alter-egos, money-free art trades, sound installations with accompanying discussions on practice, listening lounges and short performance-art residencies and workshops that scratch the outer reaches of the absurd.

  • Fichtestraße 2
  • 10967 Berlin
  • U7 at Südstern

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