Given the go-ahead by the then GDR head-honcho Walter Ulbricht, the 368m Fernsehturm rose amorously upwards in the late 60s, during a particularly turbulent period for East/West relations, to stand erect as a symbol for communist power and ideals. But, thanks to some shoddy engineering work, the rigid message behind Ulbricht’s bastion of socialist supremacy swiftly fell flaccid. Its creators were famously displeased to find that the sun’s reflection projected a cross shaped symbol across the tower’s shiny steel dome, quickly earning it the moniker ‘the Pope’s revenge’—rather an embarrassment, to say the least, for a government committed to atheism…

These days the giant disco-ball-in-the-sky attracts over a million visitors to the peak of its bulbous head each year—not surprising really considering the views it affords across the city. The dome itself houses a revolving restaurant which takes 30 minutes to do a full circle and if the vertigo fails to make you lose your mojo, then the prices of the drinks probably will.

  • Panoramastraße 1a
  • 10178 Berlin
  • U5 U8 U2 S at Alexanderplatz

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