KINDL - Center for Contemporary Art Kunst vom Fass

When big-time brewers Berliner Kindl moved out of this red-brick behemoth in Neukölln, you just knew it wouldn’t take long for the building to be reclaimed and repurposed Berlin-style. Now set to be a multi-cultural, multi-purpose home to a diverse array of contemporary art, the Brauerei is enlivened once more. Kicking things off with a bang, the first space to be reopened is the 20-metre high Boiler House, showcasing a full-size airplane suspended in a perpetual nosedive—a site-specific installation from Roman Signer. The monstrous metal beer stills that punctuate the main hall and the three-storey Power House are behind closed doors for now but watch this space… KINDL has some big things a-brewing.

Piano Salon Christophori Wedding music

On stepping into the Salon Christophori, you feel like you have discovered a rare commodity in this world: a place no one else knows about. Located down a quiet, residential street in Wedding, the salon is a workshop-turned-venue that hosts concerts ranging from classical recitals to jazz, with the odd experimental one thrown in too. A truly unique venue, the salon is mesmerising in itself with walls festooned with old piano parts, frets hanging everywhere and all manner of musical oddities lurking in the corners.

It all began when founder (and neurologist no less), Christophori Schreiber, started inviting his friends to play on the historical fortepianos he was restoring in his workshop. (This is actually the salon’s second location after the original one in Prenzlauer Berg was turned over for luxury renovation.) They invited friends to come listen, who in turn invited more people to come play, and nowadays some of the best and brightest musicians in the world are banging down the door to perform here. With an atmosphere so warm and intimate, it comes as no surprise that musicians and audiences return again and again to this cozy little garage. And the best bit? It’s all on a donation basis, even the beer and wine, so whether you’re a classical aficionado or a violin virgin, Salon Christophori beckons.

Neue Heimat Let there be light featured

Whether you’re familiar with the RAW complex from supplying your guiltiest weekend whimsies or as a faux alternative tourist pit, chances are that the deepest corners of this concrete-filled playground weren’t part of the experience. For your own safety, they shouldn’t be. So thought many people, and dark things continued to linger in the shadows of RAW.

Then came superheroes Sebastian Baier, Danny Faber, and Andreas Söcknick, the miracle builders of Bar 25 and Chalet. Since putting aside their turntables, their surging levels of serotonin have been devoted to Neue Heimat, the newly minted night market in town. As of August 2014, the three took over the spacious east end of Revaler Str. 99, illuminated it with dangling lightbulbs, an unmissable sign, and successfully scared the Boogieman away.

Every Sunday it’s a village market flooded with local food vendors (who also partake in Street Food Thursday, Bite Club, etc.), musicians, artists, and a good load of people, who look as though grocery stores not opening on Sunday was and never will be an issue. If you’re lucky, the massage therapist from Michelberger Hotel might even be there to loosen those knots.

Neue Heimat won’t be just another Markthalle Neun though. At the moment visitors only see at most two-thirds of the property, but the founders are cooking up some amazing ideas for additions to the space. These will be actualized in the near future, with the dream of creating a village community out of graffitied shambles.

Agora Collective Zeitgeist Zentrale

Since opening in 2011, Agora has become one of the bastions of creativity in Berlin. Housed in a freestanding, yellow-and-red-bricked Altbau, this café, restaurant, co-working space, artist studio and event location ends up as way more than the sum of its parts.

With the German capital firmly established as one of the world’s elite creative cities, here you can peek into the inner workings – the people and the projects – of a zeitgeist in the making. It’s edgy, original, and inclusive without being ‘oh-kumbaya’. Operating as a true platform for interaction and inspiration, Agora evolves and adjusts to the needs of its members while remaining open to the public at large.

Extra curricular activities include frequent cross-media art exhibitions, film nights with up-and-coming directors, yoga and pilates sessions, and an all-star evening restaurant. With a revolving chef policy in operation from Wednesday through Saturday, you can feast on the likes of lamb steak with honey cabernet sauce and red beet purée as part of their 16€ three-course meal deal extraordinaire.

Curious about how the creative set of tomorrow go about their daily business? Hop on the U8 to Agora, immerse yourself in a multinational soup of 80+ co-working personnel including nattering artists, programming wunderkinds and big-thinking designers, and then take some time to ruminate on your own awesome potential whilst basking in their apple-tree dotted garden.

Praterstraße Berlin Künstler Kantine

Nestled pretty much smack bang in the middle of the Moritzplatz, Prinzenstraße and Kottbusser Tor triangle, Praterstraße Berlin places a firm emphasis on quality with its intimate exhibitions—traversing the potential quagmires that emerge when curators clutter up a space. Displaying works from various mediums (including painting, sculpture and kinetic art) the one room gallery has displayed artists such as Berlin-based Max Frey, Los Angeles’s Taft Green and Vienna’s Rudolf Steckholzer, and it’s also provided a platform for the inventive Michael Franz. Moreover, each exhibition is accompanied by a public dinner—called Kantine—so you can pull up a pew and digest more than just what’s on the walls.

Panke Exposing the unexposed

Wedding’s on the up, and Panke is indicative of the rise of a Bezirk where after-work activities used to be limited more to the Kneipe and Currywurst end of the cultural spectrum. By a river that it’s named after, Panke is getting the masses to forgo their geographical preferences, and navigate their way round the Ringbahn for a bit of cross-disciplinary action. There are obscure exhibitions, WTF theater and cult film/club nights. In fact, Panke goes out of its way—just like its location—to showcase works of art that deserve more exposure than it currently gets. And after all that Kultur, there’s a vegan cafe in which to scratch your bamboozled old head.

Urban Spree Off the Kunst-rails featured

Sunken at the forefront of the RAW maze-like compound, Urban Spree is a graffiti-laden brick and concrete self-proclaimed “(re)creative space”—but don’t let that put you off. Pretentious parentheses in the description aside, if you walk on by you’re missing out. Upstairs, an artist’s laboratory and workshop rings with buzz-words of Berlin’s urbanization: engage, interact, collaborate, fuck off Media Spree etc. With the multifaceted city itself as an inspirational source, the program of events is fittingly schizophrenic. Previous times have seen the space give a temporary home to a Flohmarkt, a short film festival, Berlin fashion week, even a Korean food night, plus all the usuals – so keep your eyes on their schedule as there’s no telling what’ll come next.

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