Agora Collective Zeitgeist Zentrale

Since opening in 2011, Agora has become one of the bastions of creativity in Berlin. Housed in a freestanding, yellow-and-red-bricked Altbau, this café, restaurant, co-working space, artist studio and event location ends up as way more than the sum of its parts.

With the German capital firmly established as one of the world’s elite creative cities, here you can peek into the inner workings – the people and the projects – of a zeitgeist in the making. It’s edgy, original, and inclusive without being ‘oh-kumbaya’. Operating as a true platform for interaction and inspiration, Agora evolves and adjusts to the needs of its members while remaining open to the public at large.

Extra curricular activities include frequent cross-media art exhibitions, film nights with up-and-coming directors, yoga and pilates sessions, and an all-star evening restaurant. With a revolving chef policy in operation from Wednesday through Saturday, you can feast on the likes of lamb steak with honey cabernet sauce and red beet purée as part of their 16€ three-course meal deal extraordinaire.

Curious about how the creative set of tomorrow go about their daily business? Hop on the U8 to Agora, immerse yourself in a multinational soup of 80+ co-working personnel including nattering artists, programming wunderkinds and big-thinking designers, and then take some time to ruminate on your own awesome potential whilst basking in their apple-tree dotted garden.

Urban Spree Off the Kunst-rails featured

Sunken at the forefront of the RAW maze-like compound, Urban Spree is a graffiti-laden brick and concrete self-proclaimed “(re)creative space”—but don’t let that put you off. Pretentious parentheses in the description aside, if you walk on by you’re missing out. Upstairs, an artist’s laboratory and workshop rings with buzz-words of Berlin’s urbanization: engage, interact, collaborate, fuck off Media Spree etc. With the multifaceted city itself as an inspirational source, the program of events is fittingly schizophrenic. Previous times have seen the space give a temporary home to a Flohmarkt, a short film festival, Berlin fashion week, even a Korean food night, plus all the usuals – so keep your eyes on their schedule as there’s no telling what’ll come next.

The Wye Post office modernism

A waste of space: so would the eulogy sound for the 20,000 sq.ft. Skalitzer Post building if it wasn’t dragged back from the pearly gates by global powerhouse art curator, Leah Stuhltrager. A long time unused and unappreciated—apart from it’s iconic outer shell—the structure has had its act pulled together, been given a fresh lick of paint and a new purpose in life. Et Voila: The Wye is born.

There’s a lot happening here and plenty in the pipeline, so to avoid confusion let’s call The Wye an international art house. Yet, beneath that umbrella term lies its charm: spanning five floors are artist studios and residencies, a gallery, a library, an event hall, a concept store and even more room for who knows what. You’ll have to attend their multi-discipline events and projects to find out.

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