After Dark
Golden Gate
Blurred bridges

Located underneath the tracks near Jannowitzbrücke, within pissing distance from the Spree, Golden Gate offers a non-pretentious, anything goes, all-night-long-and-into-the-next-week party.

Like so many underground clubs in Berlin, Golden Gate is hard to find. Forget the neon sign pointing to the entrance. In fact, forget any sign at all. If you can’t find the door, just listen for the bass: the thick, grimey, thumping, crunky shit seeping from the blacked-out windows of a dumpy, graffiti-covered two story building, like maggots oozing from a road-side rabbit. Yeah, this place is that dirty. And, like so many underground clubs in Berlin, that’s what makes it beautiful.

This back yard battleground is decked out in slap-shabby second hand furniture and everything is pretty damn shabby. Expect top-notch techno, a few loose cannons and a atypical communal Berlin vibe and you’ve got Golden Gate.

Golden Gate
  • Dircksenstrasse 77-78
  • 10179 Berlin
  • U8 S at Jannowitzbrücke

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