TWOTHIRDS Ocean licks featured

Water covers roughly two thirds of the world (hence the name) so it’s about time there was a fashion brand dedicated to it. Based in Barcelona, TWOTHIRDS is inspired by the oceans, surfing and all life that dwells in the deep blue. And it’s for this reason that most of their wares are either recycled or organic—and also produced in Europe so as to further reduce their impact on the planet.

Not only is their apparel flipper-friendly, it’s easy on the eye too. The Cali surfer look has been a mainstay for decades now but TWOTHIRDS has taken it to a more mature, even urban level. Of course there are blissed-out beach tees and shorts by the barrelful, however, these hang alongside some darker tones suitable for evening wear too and where the Maritime theme is evidenced only in say the imprint on a shirt button or the espadrille sole of a shoe.

That said, if you love the wild open sea, why not say it loud and proud? This is the store for you. So come down to the Barri Gotic, pick up your waterproof jacket made from recycled plastics, throw in a Breton striped sweater, and swipe a ‘50s-style board for your next surf trip. All this and more awaits…

SHO Toy story

The Japanese word “sho” has a variety of meanings including brilliant, wealthy or flying. This little store has for art, toys, books and vinyl has most to relevance to the former, but the versatility of the meanings of its name are also mirrored in its functionality since it houses both a gallery and a creative studio. It’s a rare sight to see in a toy store, but alongside works from artists such as Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, David Horwath, Joe Ledbetter and Fortress you can find the latest urban fashion threads and even things to pimp your walls, windows and mobile with.

Most of the eclectic range of items here are exclusive and limited editions, ensuring a regularly refreshed selection. And even if you don’t find something that tickles your fancy, you can exercise your inner delinquent with their DIY toy service that helps you realize a pocket sized version of a character of your own imagination.

Olokuti Eco concept

Up in Gràcia, the northern neighborhood that exudes the charm of a small spanish village, there is a tiny ecological oasis called Olokuti.

With its biological products, this concept-store perfectly embodies the philosophy of the surrounding area, offering a wide range of goods; from soap, to kids clothes and books covering every topic you can think of. Besides their clear focus on ecological and handcrafted items, the artistic merit of the store and its products should also not be overlooked, particularly in the back part of the venue where you can even find a small gallery.

But the real peach of Olokuti is its garden located in the yard behind the store. Here you can relax over a coffee or juice from the self-service counter, you might even forget for a moment that you are actually in the city confines of Barcelona at all …

El Ganso The fashion spirit

Spirit: the keyword in El Ganso’s philosophy. Wearing their clothes is a statement of pride in your roots and in standing out amongst the crowd.

With its unusually classical ’70s European style, El Ganso immediately appears different. Since the opening of their first store in 2006, brothers Alvaro and Clemente Cebrian have aimed to enrich the scene with a wide range of fabrics and complementing colors. Their appealingly well cut collections convey atmospheres of old smoky cafés, faded polaroids and cold autumn mornings. In fact, trying on one of their perfectly fitting jackets might just help you see yourself in the light of a whole different decade.

We recommend you choose a snappy shirt from the country house styled closet and sit your buns in one of the vintage armchairs whilst you watch your other half trying one piece after another. Also don’t forget to take a peek at their two other stores in Born and Barri Gòtic.

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