Plaça dels Angels Concrete playground

Epicenter of this so-called civilized society and Skateboarding mecca of the world, the plaza is surrounded by historical buildings and serves as a pulsating cultural core. Blinding white light presides over the area courtesy of MACBA. Flanked as well by FAD (Foment de les Artes i el Diseny), La Capella, a primary school and a few restaurants and cafes (Pla dels Angels, Fragil, Original) on one of its corners, Plaça dels Angels is the result of a neighborhood development measure from the mid-nineties that included the development of other nearby note-worthies like CCCB and the recently inaugurated Philosophy Faculty of the UB up Montealegre street.

The plaza is a daily witness to many an exchange of goods and culture involving as diverse a group of individuals as possibly imaginable, and sometimes unimaginable—from local old timers to foreign skater bus tours to policemen to street dwellers, Pakistani vendors to modernos, school-kids to executives in suits, and not to mention all the rats, cats, dogs, birds and even reptiles present at the plaza at any given time. Enjoy the scenery, and watch out for creepy crawlers and accidentally rocketing skateboards as well.

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